Ed McCormick update Erie PA

July 8, 2013

Erie, PA

And then there were 4...   the NY Swashbucklers have withdrawn from the Ed McCormick tournament today.   We had previously scrambled to make a local team to round out the tournament field of 6,  and now with another team dropping,  the local team is being dropped also to keep the tournament at an even number and to avoid a 4 game round robin on Saturday.  
The remaining teams:  NY Gremlins, Jarvis Hallman Twins,  PA Power, and Hill United Chiefs,  all of them currently ranked 1-4 in the latest ISC rankings. The remaining teams making Erie a great tournament for fans to see the best the Fastball world has to offer before the 'home stretch' of ASA Nationals, ISC World Tournament and the Canadian Senior Men's Nationals.  
On a personal note, I am sorry and apologize to the fans who have come to expect better from the Erie tournament.  Jamie and I have done all we can to keep this tournament a float and fastball going here in Erie.   There were several conflicts the last 2 years which have made it harder and harder,  and it's disappointing.   
I hope some fans will still make the trip to Erie, which does have a lot to offer for families away from the field:  beaches, fishing, tax free shopping, etc.   And for the fans coming, every game looks to be a dandy with the top 4 on hand. 
Bill Hillhouse 
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