U21 Men's Intrnational Softball Championship update

July 12, 2013

Saskatoon, SK


Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday late night:

Saturday’s PLAYOFFS
# Time Diamond
CC1 Manitoba6th Place (Red)
Northwest Territories 5th Place (Black) 10:00 AM GH

C01 Newfoundland 2nd Place (Black)
Ontario 1st Place (Red) 10:00 AM BVI

C03 British Columbia 4th Place (Black)
Alberta 3rd Place (Red) 12:00 PM GH

C02 New Zealand 2nd Place (Red)
Saskatchewan 1st Place (Black) 12:00 PM BVI

CC2 Quebec 6th Place (Black)
New Brunswick 5th Place (Red) 2:00 PM GH

C04 Nova Scotia 4th Place (Red)
Argentina 3rd Place (Black) 2:00 PM BVI

C05 Loser C01 Winner C03 4:00 PM BVI

CC3 Loser CC2 Loser CC1 4:00 PM GH

C06 Loser C02 Winner C04 6:30 PM BVI

CC4 Winner CC2 Winner CC1 7:00 PM GH

C07 Winner C02 Winner C01

In front of 2316 fans at Bob Van Impe Stadium, Aiden Patrick scored on a bases loaded pass ball in the bottom of the 7th to beat Argentina 3-2. Patrick was 2 for 3 and scored 2 of his team 3 runs. He also got the win in the circle giving up only 4 hits. Huemul Mata got the loss giving up only 5 hits..
In the Saskatoon Inn Black Pool the two teams that will go into the Impact Diesel Performance Consolation Championship are New Brunswick who placed 5th and Northwest Territoires 6th. Four teams advanced to the Sask Lotteries Championship Playoff Round. British Columbia secured 4th place and the chance to play Alberta at Gordie Howe at noon. Saskatchewan won all 5 of their games and placed first and will meet ISA New Zealand at noon at BVI. Newfoundland placed second at 4-1 and will play Ontario at 10AM and Argentina placed 3rd and will play at 2 :00 at BVI against Nova Scotia.

ISA New Zealand performed an exciting comeback scoring 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th to beat a scrappy Nova Scotia. The final runs were scored off of Cody Anthony, who was leading the Championship with a 1.08 ERA, at the time. With New Zealand’s win over Nova Scotia the standings in the Al Anderson’s Source for sports Red Pool were determined. Ontario finished first at 5-0 followed by New Zealand at 4-1, Alberta at 3-2 and Nova Scotia a 2-3. New Brunswick and Manitoba finished 5th and 6th respectively and will play in the Impact Diesel Performance Consolation Championship Playoff round



 Fri Evening:

Tonight’s matchups
After new Zealnd's 7-5 win over Alberta, the 6:30 game of the night has major playoff implications. If Nova Scotia wins against New Zealand they will create a 3 way tie for second place between themselves, New Zealand and Alberta at 3-2 in the Al Anderson’s Source for Sport Red Pool. All eyes will then be directed towards Lisa Down, Softball Canada’s Championship Supervisor, who will determine the plus/minus of the three teams in pool play. Thus the win and the score will be important to 3 teams vying for second place and an extra life in the playoffs.

The second game of the evening at 8:30 will determine first place in the Black - Saskatoon Inn Pool. If Saskatchewan wins they will place first and Newfoundland second, with Argentina third. However a Saskatchewan loss will create a 3 way tie for 2 spots and plus/minus will again determine the pool placing. In order to get at least 2nd place Saskatchewan cannot lose by more than 5 runs.

The Standings as of 3:36
Al Anderson Source for Sports (Red)
W L PCT GB +/-
4 0 1.000 - 24
New Zealand
3 1 0.750 1 12
3 2 0.600 1.5 8
Nova Scotia
2 2 0.500 2 -3
New Brunswick
1 3 0.250 3 -12
0 5 0.000 4.5 -29

Saskatoon Inn Hotel (Black)
W L PCT GB +/-
4 0 1.000 - 20
Newfoundland and Labrador
3 1 0.750 1 18
3 1 0.750 1 8
British Columbia
1 3 0.250 3 -16
Northwest Territories
1 3 0.250 3 -13
0 4 0.000 4 --1



Fri morning:

Things are heating at the final  day of the preliminary round at 2103 U21 Men’ International Softball  Championship. All 12 teams are fighting for final placing in their pool in the  hopes of setting themselves up for the championship round which begins tomorrow. 




Team Saskatchewan stands alone in the Saskatoon Inn Black Pool  after an offensive explosion yesterday produced 34 runs and a pair of wins over  NWT 15-8 and Quebec 19-7. Close behind them are Newfoundland and Argentina with 3-1 records. That sets  up a huge matchup to determine first place tonight 8:30 at Bob Van Impe Stadium  between Saskatchewan and Argentina.  Saskatchewan Pitcher Aiden Patrick will get the start. The last time Patrick  faced many of these players from Argentina, they beat his Team Canada  squad on route to winning the ISF Jr. Men’s World Championship in November.




Another key matchup to keep an  eye out for is the 1:00 game at Bob Van Impe Stadium, where two of the  favourites New Zealand and  Alberta battle  it out for what will likely be 2nd place in the Red Al Anderson’s  Source for Sports Pool. Ontario sits atop of that pool at 4-0 but a  second place finish gives a team 2 lives in the championship round and a little  room for error.




The top 4 teams from each pool  advance to the championship round. The top 4 teams have been determined in the  Red pool as Nova Scotia sits in 4th untouchable at 2-2, but in the Black pool NWT has a shot at the final spot if  they can win today against Newfoundland and BC  loses to Quebec.





Thursday, July 11, 2013

The action continues today at the U21 Men’s International Softball Championship in Saskatoon.  The first game of the day at 11:00 at Bob Van Impe Stadium features highly regarded Alberta with (five players from our last Jr. National Team) taking on the defending bronze medalists from Nova Scotia.


The two international teams play today. ISA New Zealand will try to come back after a hard fought 13-10 loss to championship favorite Ontario, when they play New Brunswick at 2:00 at Gordie Howe.  Undefeated Argentina will kick off the nights actions at Bob Van Impe Stadium at 6:30 with a huge matchup with Newfoundland (who have 11 players  from the 2012 U21 Canadian Championship Team  both these teams have high powered offenses so it should be an exciting affair.



Saskatchewan plays two big games today. After wins over Newfoundland and BC, Dave McCullough’s crew finds themselves in a first place tie with Argentina in their pool. They will take on North WestTerritories at 3:00 and Quebec at 8:30, both games at Bob Van Impe Stadium. These are critical matchups as at least one win will set up TeamSask for a first place showdown in the Saskatoon Inn Black Pool with Argentina, Friday at 8:30 in the last game of the preliminary round. It is critical to finish in the top 2 in your pool as this will allow for 2 lives in the playoff round that starts Saturday at 10:00 am.  


Team Sask moves into first place with a 19-7 win over Quebec 

With their 19-7 win over Quebec, Saskatchewan has score 34 runs in 10 innings of play today. They moved into first place by themselves in the Saskatoon Inn - Black Pool with a 4-0 record. Newfoundland’s big win over Argentina really makes things interesting as those 2 teams sit at 3-1 and one game behind Saskatchewan. Finishing first or second in the pool will provide a team with 2 lives in the playoffs. The final game of the preliminary round Friday at 8:30 at Bob Van Impe Stadium will feature Saskatchewan and Argentina. If Saskatchewan wins, the placements will be clear as they will be first and Newfoundland second. If they lose, runs for and against come into play clouding things up considerably.
In the Red- Al Anderson’s pool Ontario looks to be ready t claim first already sitting with a 4-0 record and with wins over their two closest opponents Alberta and ISA New Zealand. Those two teams play each other at 1:00 at Bob Van Impe Stadium. The winner will place second to Ontario and will be in good shape going into the playoffs