Formalized looking schedule for Men's U21

July 13, 2013

Saskatoon, SK

The rain has stopped and we can set an offical schedule for Saturday and Sunday

Saturday July 13, 2013
# Away Home Time Diamond
CC2 QC NB 4:00 PM Diamond #4

CC1 MB NWT 4:00 PM Diamond #3

C02 NZL SK 5:00 PM BVI

C01 ON NL 5:00 PM Gordie Howe

C03 BC AB 7:00 PM Gordie Howe

C04 NS ARG 7:00 PM BVI

C05 Loser C01 Winner C03 9:00 PM Gordie Howe

C06 Loser C02 Winner CO4 9:00PM BVI

Sunday July 14, 2013
# Away Home Time Diamond
C07 Winner C02 Winner C01 10:00 AM BVI

C08 Winner C06 Winner C05 10:00 AM BVI

C09 Loser C07 Winner C08 12:00 PM BVI

C10 Winner C09 Winner C07 3:00 PM BVI

C06 Loser C02 Winner C04 9:00 PM BVI

CC3 Loser CC2 Loser CC1 12:00 Sunday Gordie Howe
CC4 Winner CC2 Winner CC1 2:00 Sunday Gordie Howe


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