results from Gil Read Memorial in Carp

July 29, 2013

Carp, ON

Friday night results from the Gil Read Memorial Tournament (www.gilreadmemorial.com) in Carp, ON. Lots of spectators on site for a great night of ball.

Results posted regularly on Twitter, hashtag #TheGil

Friday 7pm North Diamond
Stittsville 56ers 1 Manotick Taylor's Blitz 0
WP: Darren Featherstone
LP: Ray Shanoush
Darren Featherstone solo HR for Stittsville

Friday 7pm South Diamond
Kars Aces 6 Barrhaven Broadway Blues 2
WP: Mitch Hardy
LP: Mike Noftall
Dan Jessiman with 5RBIs for Kars, 2B and HR

Friday 9pm North Diamond
Micksburg Twins 6 Carp I4C Victory 0
WP: Corey Costello (no hitter)
LP: Neil Cooke
Riley Hennessey with two HRs, Joran Graham HR for Micksburg

Friday 9pm South Diamond
West Carleton Electric 7 Napanee Express Juniors 3
WP: Andy Barber
LP: Cole Bolton with relief from Greg Hammels
WC Electric scores seven in the bottom of the fourth to erase the Napanee 3-0 lead

Other teams starting on Saturday morning: Napanee Express Seniors, Lake Simcoe Lightning, Elkland Thunderbellys, Donnacona Blue Sox.

Schedule here.


 Saturday results from the Gil Read Memorial Tournament in Carp, ON.

Saturday 8am
Elkland 5 Donnacona 0
WP: Josh Johnson
LP: Patrice Leclerc

Saturday 9am
Lake Simcoe 10 Napanee Seniors 0
WP: Brad Worsley
LP: Josh Lockridge

Saturday 10am
West Carleton 7 Carp 0
WP: Andy Barber
LP: Caleb Keeshig, relief from Cody Price

Saturday 11am
Micksburg 3 Napanee Juniors 3
P: Jeff Murphy (Micksburg)
P: Cole Bolton & Greg Hammells (Napanee Jr)

Saturday Noon
Donnacona 8 Stittsville 5
WP: Francis Leclair
LP: Adam Smith

Saturday 1pm
Barrhaven 5 Napanee Seniors 4
WP: Jason Smith, save Trevor Lahey
LP: Jordan McDonald

Saturday 2pm
Elkland 7 Manotick Blitz 0
WP: Josh Johnson
LP: Jamie Blakely, relief from Ray Shanoush

Saturday 3pm
Napanee Juniors 8 Carp 1
WP: Greg Hammells
LP: Cody Price, relief from Neil Cooke

Saturday 4pm
Lake Simcoe 10 Barrhaven 3
WP: Ryan Swift
LP: Mike Noftall, relief from Paul Ceppi

Saturday 5pm
Napanee Seniors 5 Kars 4
WP: Ian Wallwork, save Josh Lockridge
LP: Mitch Hardy

Saturday 6pm
Elkland 2 Stittsville 1
WP: Bill Sherman, save Jamie Thompson
LP: Darren Featherstone in relief of Dan Konkle

Saturday 7pm
Donnacona 12 Manotick Blitz 2
WP: Patrice Leclerc
LP: Ray Shanoush, relief from Shannon Borho

Saturday 8pm
West Carleton 5 Micksburg 5
P: Steve Cavanagh & Aaron Owl (WC)
P: Joran Graham & Corey Costello (Micks)

Saturday 9pm
Lake Simcoe 3 Kars 3
P: Gregg Garrity (LS)
P: Cory Alkerton (Kars)

Final seedings:
1. Elkland, PA Thunderbellys
2. Sharon, ON Lake Simcoe Lightning
3. Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric
4. Donnacona, QC Blue Sox
5. Micksburg, ON Twins
6.. Kars, ON Aces
7. Napanee, ON Junior Express
8. Stittsville, ON 56ers

Napanee, ON Senior Express
Manotick, ON Taylor's Blitz
Barrhaven, ON Broadway Blues
Carp, ON I4C Victory

Sunday playoff games, single elimination:

9am: Elkland vs Stittsville
9am: Lake Simcoe vs Napanee Jrs
11am: West Carleton vs Kars
11am: Donnacona vs Micksburg


Congratulations to the Lake Simcoe Lightning from Sharon, ON on winning the 6th
Annual Gil Read Memorial tournament in Carp this past weekend.

9am -
Lake Simcoe 5 Napanee Juniors 2
WP: Brad
LP: Cole Bolton

9am - Quarterfinal
Elkland 5
Stittsville 3

WP: Josh Johnson
LP: Darren

11am - Quarterfinal
Kars 6 West Carleton Electric

WP: Mitch Hardy (2 hitter)
LP: Andy Barber with relief from
Aaron Owl, Steve Cavanagh

11am - Quarterfinal
Donnacona 4
Micksburg 2

WP: Francis Leclair
LP: Corey

Elkland 2 Kars 1
WP: Josh
LP: Mitch Hardy

Lake Simcoe 4 Donnacona

WP: Brad Worsley in relief of Gregg Garrity
LP: Patrice
Lightning down 3-1 in the bottom of the seventh, RBI by Garrity and
walk off double by Todd Hamblin to win the game

Simcoe 11 Elkland 4

WP: Gregg Garrity in relief of Brad
LP: Josh Johnson
MVP of finals Aaron Trude, Lake

Final order of finish:
1. Sharon, ON Lake Simcoe Lightning
2. Elkland, PA Thunderbellys 5-1
3. Donnacona, QC Blue Sox 3-2
Kars, ON Aces 2-2-1
5. Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric 2-1-1
Micksburg, ON Twins 1-1-2
7. Napanee, ON Junior Express 1-2-1
Stittsville, ON 56ers 1-3
T9. Napanee, ON Senior Express 1-2
Barrhaven, ON Broadway Blues 1-2
T11. Manotick, ON Taylor's Blitz 0-3
Carp, ON I4C Victory 0-3