uOttawa Women's Fastball Results Sept 27-29

October 1, 2013

Ottawa, ON

September 27th, 28th & 29th

The GeeGees started off their six-game road trip this past weekend in Kingston, where they played two evening games against Queen's and now head coach and former GeeGee Jill Taylor. Jean Cardona was the starting pitcher for the GeeGees and came out as her usual strong self, keeping the Queen's hitters relatively under control while the GeeGees offence helped her out by scoring 4 runs. And then in the 5th inning things got interesting. The Gaels had a runner on first, and after retiring what the GeeGees thought was the third out of the inning, both teams left the field, after which someone clarified there were only two outs. Through a controversial call by the umpire, the Queen's runner was allowed to resume her position on first base, and the very next batter hit a line drive into the gap in right-centre field. This was the beginning of a two-run inning for the Gaels, adding to a run they had scored earlier in the game. The game was now 4-3 and going into the seventh the GeeGees knew they just had to hold the Gaels and they would get the win. The GeeGees were able to hold them and ended the Gaels chances with a game-ending line drive double play. The GeeGees took the win 4-3 over Queen's in their first of two games.
In the second of two games, the GeeGees came out on a high from their final play from the first game, and were more than ready to take the second game from the Gaels. Baylie Gigolyk started the game off for the GeeGees, being incredibly effective, getting ground ball after ground ball out, and not giving Queen's much of a chance to generate any offence whatsoever. The GeeGees bats were not as lively as usual, though they still managed to score four runs to gain Baylie some insurance as she continued to retire the Gaels, until they managed to move their runners around for one run in the seven innings. This did not phase Gigolyk however as she finished the game strong, with the help of the stellar defence of the GeeGees. Ottawa took the second game against Queen's 4-1.

The second day of their weekend was a beautiful day for baseball. With the temperature feeling like summertime, the GeeGees were feeling loose and ready to play. For the past couple of weekends, four seemed to be the magic number for the GeeGees, only scoring four runs in the majority of their games. It has been enough to win, yes, but for a team of strong hitters, four runs does not satisfy the GeeGees. So starting on Saturday their hitting muscles started to wake up and they were able to get the mercy at 8-0 after five innings. The 8-0 win consisted of solid hitting through the line up, with a notable 2-run homerun for Taylor Rogalsky, her second of the year. Jean Cardona was dominant as always against the Brock hitters, recording her seventh win of the year for a flawless record.
The Brock hitters came out more aggressive in the second game against Baylie Gigolyk, putting more pressure on the GeeGees defence to perform. Early in the game the GeeGees defence was tested, when the Badgers had the bases loaded with one out. Ottawa was able to make the plays and get out of the inning, keeping the Badgers at bay at least for another inning. In the third and fourth innings the pressure was on again, as some missed opportunities for outs allowed the bases to be loaded again for the Badgers. This time with the infield in for Ottawa, they were able to squeeze a ball up the middle for a run. Luckily, that was all the damage that was done, as the GeeGees settled down, found their rhythm for the later innings and kept the Badgers to one run for the game. Gigolyk's curve ball was also working well, as she was able to limit Brock to ground balls only from that inning on. On offence, the GeeGees once again showed their ability to generate runs, using power hitting as well as their short game go score five against the Brock defence. In the end, Ottawa took the second game against the Badgers 5-1.

Sunday was another beautiful day for ball, and as always the GeeGees showed up determined to finish with a 6-0 record for the weekend. Sunday was really the day where the GeeGees showed their versatility and consistency; where defensive switch-ups did not phase them, the defence not missing a beat in either game, and getting key hits, extra base hits and multiple RBIs from absolutely anywhere in the batting order. In the first of two against McMaster, Jean Cardona absolutely dominated their hitters, going three up-three down until the fifth when a Mac hitter took her out to left field for a base-hit. This was the third time in the last two weekends that Cardona has narrowly missed a perfect game, though I am sure she has no problem with a one-hit shut out either. The GeeGees also demonstrated their improvements in their short game this year as well, using bunts as a way to generate baserunners and take advantage of the Mac defence. Everything was working for the GeeGees in this game, and they took the win with a 9-0 score after five innings of play, to continue Jean Cardona's flawless record.
Baylie Gigolyk's final game of the weekend was also an exciting one for the GeeGees as her constant ability to get ground ball outs kept the Mac hitters under control for the majority of the game, only scoring two runs off some well hit balls to the outfield. While Gigolyk kept things under control on the field, Ottawa's hitters took their time at the plate and delivered some solid hitting, running up the score to 13 runs to Mac's 2, once again cutting the game short against Mac at five innings. Centre-fielder Jacqui Timperio went five for seven on the day with three RBIs, as well as infielder Andrea Nelson going four for four on the day with four RBIs, this only being a glimpse of the strength of the GeeGees offence. On the field, Gigolyk had some help from infielder Brye Corkum, who made a pair of impressive diving plays at second base, to stop two sure base hits and recorded the outs at first on both occasions. Timperio, Elissa Sivel and Michelle Miller dominated the outfield with their exceptional range and strong throws that helped to keep the Mac hitters quiet on Sunday.

It was an exceptional weekend for the GeeGees, completing a 6-0 weekend and showing that they are ready for anything. They look forward to meeting Carleton, Guelph and the University of Toronto next weekend for what they hope will be another 6-0 record.