Following the footsteps of Fastball St. Albert

November 16, 2013

St. Albert, AB


Fastball Fundraising through Bingo
Following the footsteps of Fastball St. Albert

Fastball has been making its mark in different parts of the world over the years, particularly in countries in the US and Europe. The game also has a huge following in Canada; in fact, St. Albert in Alberta, Canada has a fastball organization for twenty-five years now Fastball St. Albert. It used to be called St. Albert Softball, but their name changed to keep up with the pace of the game. The group offers a city league fastball for recreation, and representative fastball for competition. It has a two-month season running from May until June, and it also offers a winter training camp.

Fastball St. Albert is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers, but they raise funds through an ingenious way: by organizing community bingos. Anyone who wants to register with the group can lower their registration fee through volunteering for a bingo event. If a would-be member helps in facilitating a bingo fundraiser, his or her fee will be reduced by $75. Bingo fundraisers are not uncommon for athletic groups; in Minnesota Hopkins Rugby announced that they'll be having their first bingo and silent auction fundraiser to support their programs, and this will happen January next year. Sports and the classic bingo game seem to enjoy a mutualism, because even the famous Foxy mascot of leading UK-based gaming platform foxybingo  made an appearance during Super League's Magic Weekend last May, much to the delight of fans. This just proves that two entities which are entirely different can successfully work together, and for each other.

This method of Fastball St. Albert is admirable, especially since the aim is to help Alberta citizens get inclined more on the game. Fastball clubs and groups should take their example, and follow their footsteps so that more people may appreciate the sport. 


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