Las Vegas Road Trip VII - April 11-13, 2014

November 20, 2013

Las Vegas, NV

NAFA and the SCIFL are        pleased to announce the seventh edition of the "Las Vegas Road Trip" fast pitch tournament.  The date of this tournament will        be April 11 - 13th, 2014.  The  Championship games will be        scheduled for 3:00 PM on Sunday, with "IF" games immediately        following if necessary.  Teams flying out on Sunday should make        their plans for late departure times in the event the brackets        are running late.  

This will be a NAFA        sanctioned event with the participating teams separated in the        following divisions:

        A         A-Major/AA (depending on amount of teams)         AA/AA-Major (depending on the amount of teams)
        The splits in the higher classifications will be based on the        amount of teams that enter.  The NAFA pitcher’s list will be        used to monitor pitchers in the tournament as well as the team’s        current classification.  No Open class        pitchers are allowed to pitch in this tournament.  Confirmation        into the tournament will be based on the entry fee and roster        being received. 

Last year we had 34 teams        competing and the schedule was very tough on the first day.  As        a result and with the amount of teams that have contacted me        during the year, the tournament will be scheduled with games        being played on Friday.  Please do not delay in getting back to        me if your team will be entering into the event, money is          due starting January 10th and will confirm your entry.         Once the tournament is full, teams providing their entry fee        will be placed on a waiting list and entered if any teams drop        out. We currently have 7 fields reserved for the event.

When you inform me that your team will be playing you      will also need to let me know if your team can play all three      days.  Teams that can play all three days will be placed on the      priority list, teams that say they can only play on Saturday and      Sunday will be placed on the secondary list.  The last two years      the players have complained about the long day (4+ games) on      Saturday as it is the first tournament of the year for the      majority of teams.

The entry fee for the        tournament is $410 and the NAFA 3-game guarantee bracket will be        used for all divisions.  It is open to all fast pitch teams and        if your team has not yet paid their NAFA registration fee, there        will be an additional $20 fee which will be forwarded to your        State Director.  With a        minimum of eight (8) teams in a division, the winner will have        their 2011 NAFA World Series entry fee paid for the division        they played in.  Also, to help keep tournament costs down, if        your team books at least five (5) rooms and stays at our host        hotel you will receive $25 back on your entry fee.  

For the 7th year our host hotel will once again be          Arizona Charlies Boulder.  We                have secured a rate of $46 per night for Friday and                Saturday and $29 for Thursday and Sunday night if you                book directly with the hotel using their 800 number.                 Arizona Charlies Boulder offers a casino, buffet and sit                down dining along with live music in the casino                bar/lounge.  Please help the tournament by booking with                Arizona Charlies                by using their 800 number to receive the special rate.                 The number is 800-362-4040 and the reference code is                C-SCIFL or mention So Cal Independent Fast Pitch League.               Rooms                booked any other way (Priceline, Expida, etc) cannot be                confirmed through the hotel and are not used toward our                count.  If you need to book more than three (3) rooms on                the same credit card, please contact Kathy Brennan at                702-951-5942 in the group sales department and she will                be more than happy to assist you.  Also, if the 800 does does not say they have                      the SCIFL listing, please call Kathy to book your                      room  If she is not there,                leave a message and she will get back to you. 

Information regarding the        event, game results and player statistics will be posted on .  This        year's tournament once again will be played at Sunset Park and        Warm Springs Park, both are located with 1/4-mile of each other        and are located by the Las Vegas International Airport.  Game        times will be available once the tournament is filled or by        March 19th.

Team interested in        playing should contact Robert Hernandez at or        714-392-1387.  All teams will need to submit a roster listing        all their players with their entry fee and identifying their        pitchers.  Checks can be made out to "SCIFL" and forwarded to        Robert Hernandez, P.O. Box 1891, Anaheim, CA 92815-1891.  

This message is being sent        to managers and players who have participated in the past at the        Las Vegas Road Trip or expressed interest.  If        you do not wish to receive further updates, please send me a        message to remove you from the mailing list.
        Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions        regarding this tournament. I look forward to seeing you in Las        Vegas.

Robert Hernandez NAFA Pacific Coast VP           SCIFL President           P.O. Box 1891           Anaheim, CA 92815-1891           714-392-1387

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