On the Road Again, and Back

February 5, 2014

Richmond Hill, ON


Mainly this is to let our readers and posting associates know that we are back home after 3 weeks on the road to cover #ISGU2014 and #AAU2014.

Many thanks to Alex Linares for inviting us to his #ISGU2014 tournament. It was a first for us and we were impressed. #Fastball in the Florida sun is always inviting and add in Alex's special skill at involving international teams and you have a recipe for fun. It was a good tournament and hope we can take Alex up on his invitation to return for #ISGU2015.

Alex is hoping to have some Canadian teams in the mix next year and well they should, the international experience is awesome.  Alex made great use of a couple of very nice ball parks for his tournament.

We had lots of followers on our https://twitter.com/AlsFastball

Results for #ISGU2014 posted on our site.

2014 ISGU Champions: Sureños

2014 ISGU Runner Up: Team Argentina

MVP: Nick Shailes

MV Pitcher: Adam Folkard


After the #ISGU2014 we had a couple of days to relax and visit friends in the Tampa Bay area.

On Jan 22 we were back in the Orlando area at the very familiar and comfortable Comfort Inn in Kissimmee, very close to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Softball Complex.

We thank Debra Horn for inviting us back again. I have lost track but probably our 7th or 8th AAU over the past ten years.

Another very successful tournament thanks to Debra and her crew and thanks as well to our own Robert Gray on his first year as the AAU Tournament Director. Well done Robert!

It was nice to have newcomer Casey Todt on board this year. He was Debra's capable assistant and on duty around the clock for the tournament.


Congratulations to New York Gremlins - #AAU2014 Runner Up

MV Pitcher: Erick Urbaneja

MVP:  Erick Urbaneja

#AAU2014 was a good one and much of that success is thanks to our good friend Robert Gray who in his first year as the new AAU Tournament
Director did an outstanding job!


I hate it when a tournament ends and this year it was no exception however I recovered quickly as this year we decided to stay an extra week and just be tourists. Its the perfect place for it,
Orlando has it all.

I was only on my lap top for short periods of time for the last week and admit to being almost 1,000 emails behind.  I will catch up, so #Fastball fans, please be patient.

Getting out of Orlando on Tuesday evening proved to be quite a challenge. For about a week MCO had fog delays almost every evening. Tuesday night the fault was someplace else, our incoming flight from Toronto arrived late. We left MCO 25 minutes late but thanks to the drag racing skills of our Scare Canada pilot, we arrived at YYZ 5 minutes early. The whole trip was made with the fasten seat belts sign on. Pedal to the metal the air jockey rode the wind currents and got us in early but a lot of white knuckles could be seen. I slept most of the way.

Priority now is to get the driveway cleared so I can get the car out and go for some groceries.

But we will catch up on the postings, so please have patience.

Who do I call about all this snow!


 Thanks to Casey Todt for the #AAU2014 Order of Finish: