2014 ISC Canada East Qualifier and U21 Championship in Mitchell, Ontario

June 15, 2014

Mitchell, ON


2014 ISC Canada East Qualifier and U21 Championship to be played in Mitchell, Ontario



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Umpire-in-Chief Moe Carde assembled one of the top Blue Crews in recent memory, with a great mix of veterans and newcomers, all of whom did a terrific job. A big thank you for your fantastic work all weekend! Our umpires were: Mike Brito, Fred Malatches, Paul Baier, Ed Otterman, Matt Coombe, George Lamaiche, Adam Hook, Garry Kipfer, Rob Deakin, Brad Whalen, Rick Boyd, Matt Allen, Paul Verheye, Steve Kuhl, Jim Heckman



ISC Qualifier - Mitchell - game #1


    Toronto Gators vs Tavistock Merchants stats


Toronto Gators - 6R 5H 2E
Tavistock Merchants - 0R 1H 3E

WP: Brad Rona- 7IP 0R 1H 18K 1BB

LP: Chad Fink - 7IP 6R 2ER 5H 6K 7BB

Ben Enoka - HR


Game 2 Waterdown vs Ponsonby


         Waterdown Hammer vs Ponsonby Sting stats

Waterdown Hammer 15R 18H 1E
Ponsonby Sting 4R 9H 1E


WP Mike Pullin 4IP 4R 4ER 8H 4Ks 2BB; relief Tim Neill 3IP 1H 6Ks 1BB
LP Dylan Cunningham 5 2/3 IP 15R 13ER 17H 4Ks 2BB; relief Ron Dean 1 1/3 1H 1BB
Hammer Mike Pullin 3-3; Phil John HR 4RBIs


ISC Qualifier Mitchell - Game #3

    Wiarton vs Ohsweken    stats 

Wiarton Narionals - 3R 4H 3E
Ohsweken Redmen - 0R 4H 2E

WP: Andy Jackson - 7IP 0R 4H 14K 1BB

LP: Mike Joseph 4IP 2R 2ER 1H 6K 2BB
Caleb Keeshig - 2IP 1R 1ER 3H 6K 1BB

Matt Robbins RBI Triple and a single

Mitch Green Double





ISC Qualifier - Mitchell - Game #4 


         Shakespeare Falcons vs Wyvale Tribe stats


Shakespeare Falcons - 1R 5H 0E
Wyvale Tribe - 3R 4H 0E

Wyvale -
WP: Teagen White - 5IP 1R 0ER 5H 6K 0BB
Jason Giffen (in relief) - 2IP 0R 0H 3K 0BB

Shakespeare -
LP: Fred Follings - 6IP 3R 2ER 4H 11K 0BB


ISC Qualifier Game #5


Kitchener Outlaws vs Puslinch Kodiaks stats

Kitchener Outlaws 3R 6H 0E
Puslinch Kodiaks 0R 3H 0E

WP - Kyle Crawford - 7IP 0R 3H 17K 2BB
LP - Scott Gordon - 7IP 3R 3ER 6H 2K 0BB

Kitchener -
Tim Dubois - 2 for 3 Triple 2 RBI's

Brian Jefferson - 2 for 3



SC Qualifier Game # 6 - Napanee Express vs. Hickson Reds


Napanee Express vs Hickson Reds stats


Napanee Express: 7R 8H 1E

Hickson Reds: 1R 5H 0E
    WP: Ian Wallwork 7IP 1R 1ER 5H 14K 2BB
Hickson Reds:
     LP: Kyle Coles 3IP 4R 4ER 5H 2K 1BB
           Tim Yantzi (In Relief) 4IP 3R 3ER 3H 2K 1BB
Napanee - 
Lucas McNeill - HR
Dan Burnham - HR - 2RBI

ISC Qualifier - Game #7


Mitchell Mets vs Sweaburg Crush stats

Mitchell Mets - 14R 20H 2E
Sweaburg Crush - 9R 9H 5E

WP - Steve Cook - (in Relief) 2.1 IP 2R 2ER 2H 3K 2BB
Kevin Gettler (starter) 2IP 4R 5H 0K 1BB
Kevin Pomfret (In relief) 2.2IP 3R 2ER 2H 1K 3BB

LP - Todd Winkworth - 2.1IP 4R 3ER 4H 1K 0BB
Colin Walsh (in relief) 3IP 8R 6ER 9H 3K 1BB
Todd Winkworth (in relief) 1.2IP 2R 2ER 6H 0K 3BB

Matt McGill - 2 Hits - single and a double
Kevin Gettler - Triple and 2 singles

Colin Walsh - HR
Darryl Wharram - HR
Jeff Figg - HR


ISC Qualifier - Mitchell Game # 8


Erb Electric Expos vs Great Lakes Pirates stats


Elmira Erb Electric Expos - 9R 9H 1E
Great Lakes Pirates - 1R 3H 1E

Elmira: WP: Casey Halstead 5IP 1R 0ER 2H 4K 3BB
Dan Martin (in relief) 2IP 0R 1H 3K 0BB

Great Lakes Pirates:
LP : Rob Fawcett 6.1IP 8R 8ER 8H 4K 3BB
Ben Bradshaw .2IP 1R 1ER 1H 1K 1BB

Derek Martin 2Hits 2Runs 2RBI
Trevor Beatson 2Hits 1Run 3RBI

Great Lakes:
Mike Reiley Double and a run


ISC Qualifier - Game # 9 - Ponsonby Sting vs Tavistock Merchants

          Ponsonby Sting vs Tavistock Merchants

Ponsonby: 2R 9H 2E

Tavistock: 4R 8H 0E
WP: Chad Fink - 7IP 2R 2ER 9H 6K
LP: Adam Moore - 5.2IP 4R 3ER 7H 3K
      Dylan Cunningham (in relief) .1IP 0R 1H
Joe Harris - 3 for 4
Ron Dean - 3 for 3
Chad Fink - 2 for 3
Dan Innes - 2 for 3

ISC Qualifier - Game # 10 - Oshweken vs. Shakespeare  


    Ohsweken Redmen vs Shakespeare Falcons stats


Oshweken: 4R 7H 1E

Shakespeare: 2R 8H 1E
WP: Caleb Keeshig - 7IP 2R 2ER 8H 8K 1BB
LP: Fred Follings - 7IP 4R 3ER 7H 10K
Robert Bomberry - HR & RBI
Ryan Davis - HR, Single, RBI
Stu Johnson - HR, SIngle, RBI
Rory Miller - Single & RBI
Andrew Medhurst - Single & Triple
Jeff Clemens - 3 Singles & RBI
Jodi Schnaar - Single & RBI

ISC Qualifier - Game # 11 - LineScore - Hickson Reds vs. Puslinch Kodiaks


     Hickson Reds vs Puslinch Kodiaks stats


Hickson Reds: 2R 6H 2E

Puslinch Kodiaks: 4R 6H 1E
WP: Kevin Dowling - 7IP 2R 2ER 6H 4K
LP: Tim Yantzi - 5.1IP 3R 2ER 3H 4K 
      Kyle Coles - .2IP 1R 1ER 2H


 ISC Qualifier - Game # 12 - Great Lakes Pirates vs. Sweaburg Crush


       Great Lakes Pirates vs Sweaburg Crush stats


Great Lakes Pirates - 5R 8H 1E

Sweaburg Crush - 8R 10H 1E


WP: Colin Walsh 7IP 5R 5ER 8H 10K 2BB
LP: Ben Brookshaw 3IP 3R 3ER 5H 2BB


      Darryl Banks .2IP 3R 1ER 2H 1K 1BB
      Rob Fawcett 2.1IP 2R 2ER 3H 2BB


Darryl Wharram - 2 Doubles & 3RBI
Colin Walsh - Single & Triple - 3RBI's
Rick Johnson - Triple


Great Lakes Pirates:
Ryan Whitney - Single & HR with 2 RBI
Greg Thede - HR - 3RBI
Mike Reilry - Triple


SC Qualifier - Game# 13 - Linescore - Toronto Gators vs. Waterdown Hammer


Waterdown Hammer vs Toronto Gators stats

Waterdown Hammer: 1R 4H 0E

Toronto Gators: 5R 8H 1E
LP: Tim Neill 3IP 4R 4ER 6H 4K 3BB
      Mike Pullin (in Relief) 3IP 1R 1ER 2H 4K 2BB
Toronto Gators:
WP: Greg Garrity 6IP 1R 0ER 3H 10K 6BB
        Brad Rona (in Relief) 1IP 0R 1H 1K
Toronto - 
John Kemp: 2/2 Walk & 3RBI
Ben Enoka - Triple
ISC Qualifier - Game # 14 - Linescores - Wiarton Nationals vs. Wyvale Tribe
Wiarton Nationals: 10R 12H 1E
Wyvale Tribe: 2R 7H 1E
WP: Andy Jackson - 6IP 2R 2ER 7H 9K 1BB
LP: Teagan Waite - 2IP 4R 4ER 6H 3K 1E
      Jeremy McNabb (in relief) - 4IP 6R 5ER 6H 3K 4H
Andy Jackson - Single & HR
Cole McDougall - Triple & 2RBI
Dave Drinkill - HR

 ISC Qualifier - Game # 15 - LineScore - Kitchener Outlaws vs. Napanee Express


       Kitchener Outlaws vs Napanee Express stats


Kitchener Outlaws: 9R 13H 1E

Napanee Express: 1R 6H 2E


WP: Shaun Winship - 7IP 1R 1ER 6H 6K 0BB
LP: Jordan MacDonald - 7IP 9R 6ER 13H 6K 3BB


Brad Hackert - 2/2 3RBI

Tyler Robinson - RBI

ISC Qualifier - Game #16 - LineScore - Mitchell vs. Elmira


  Mitchell Mets vs Erb Electric Expos stats


 Mitchell Mets: 1R 3H 0E

Elmira Expos: 8R 10H 0E


LP: Craig Elliott - 3.2IP 4R 4ER 6H 3BB
      Kevin Gettler - 1.1IP 4R 4ER 4H 1BB


WP: Dan Martin - 5IP 1R 1ER 3H 5K 2BB


Dan Raycroft - Triple
Kevin Gettler - Single & Triple


Derek Martin - Triple
Travis Martin - Single/Double/Triple
Casey Halstead - HR
ISC Qualifier - Game # 17 - LineScore - Mitchell Mets vs. Tavistock Merchants
Mitchell Mets: 9R 9H 1E
Tavistock Merchants: 2R 3H 2E
WP: Kevin Gettler 4IP 0R 2H 4K 3BB
        Steve Cook (in Relief) 1IP 2R 1ER 1H 3K
LP: Brady Wagler .2IP 4R 4ER 2H 1BB
      CHad Fink 4.1IP 5R 4ER 7H 1K 3BB
Tyler Pauli - Triple and HR with 3 RBI
ISC Qualifier - Game # 18 - LineScore - Napanee Express vs. Oshweken Redmen
Napanee Express - 11R 13H 0E
Oshweken Redmen - 10R 10H 3E
WP: Ian Wallwork (in Relief) 3.2IP 3R 3ER 5H 4K 1BB
       Josh Lockridge - 3.1IP 5R 3ER 5H 4K 1BB
LP: Caleb Keeshig (In Relief) 4.1IP 3R 3ER 5H 10K 2BB
      Mike Joseph - 2.2IP 8R 6ER 8H 2K 1BB
Lucas McNeill - Double, Triple with 2RBI
Ben Tee - Single, Triple with 3RBI
Robert Bomberry - Double, Triple & HR
Curtis Cornelius - Triple
Oshweken scores 2 to take the lead 10 - 9 in the bottom of the 6th only to have Napanee come back and score 2 runs to take the 11 - 10 lead.  Held on in the bottom of the 7th to seal the win.
ISC Qualifier - Game #19 - LineScore - Puslinch Kodiaks vs. Wyevale Tribe

 Puslinch Kodiaks - 10R 10H 0E
Wyevale Tribe - 11R 14H 0E
WP: Tegan Waite (in Relief) 2IP 2R 2ER 4H 4K 0BB
        Jason Giffen - 5IP 8R 7ER 6H 7K 4BB
LP: Kevin Dowling (In Relief) 2.1IP 6R 6ER 7H 2K 1BB
      Eric Rasmussen (In Relief) 2.1IP 4R 4ER 6H 0K 3BB
      Mike Haines 1.1IP 1R 1ER 1H 1K 1BB
Matt Haines - HR
Eric Rasmussen - HR - 2RBI
Matt Tjart - Single & HR 2RBI
Dave Drinkill - 2 Singles & HR

 ISC Qualifier - Game # 20 - Linescore - Waterdown Hammer vs. Sweaburg Crush

       Waterdown Hammer vs Sweaburg Crush stats

Waterdown Hammer: 8R 10H 2E
Sweaburg Crush: 3R 7H 3E
WP: Tim Neill - 7IP 3R 3ER 7H 5K
LP: Colin Walsh - 7IP 8R 5ER 10H 9K 1BB
Phil John - 2 Singles & RBI
Mike Pullin - 2 singles & RBI
Will Lake - Single, Double & RBI
Eric Scott - 2 singles
ISC Qualifier - Game # 21 - LineScore - Napanee Express vs. Mitchell Mets
Napanee Express - 2R 5H 3E
Mitchell Mets - 13R 13H 1E
WP: Steve Cook - 3.1IP 2R 2ER 5H 5K 1BB
        Jeff Pauli (in relief) .2IP 0R 0H
LP: Jordan MacDonald - 1.1IP 7R 5ER 7H 3K
      Ian Wallwork (in Relief) 1.1IP 6R 5ER 4H 2K 1BB
      Josh Lockridge (in Relief) .1IP 0R 1H
Napanee -
Jamie Purdon - 2 singles
Mitchell - 
Matt McGill - 1HR 3RBI's
Tyler Pauli - Triple & RBI
Kevin Ward - 2 singles a double and 2 RBI's
Dan Raycroft - Single, Triple 3 RBI
ISC Qualifier - Game # 22 - LineScore - Wyevale Tribe vs. Waterdown Hammer
Wyevale Tribe - 5R 4H 1E
Waterdown Hammer - 7R 8H 0E
WP: Tim Neill - 5IP 5R 5ER 4H 9K 2BB
        Mike Pullin (in Relief) 2IP 0R 0H 6K 2BB
LP: Jason Giffen - 1IP 4R 3ER 2H 2K 2BB
      Mark Lambie - 5IP 3R 3ER 6H 4K 3BB
Wyevale - 
Dave Drinkill - RBI Triple
Andrew Mathies - Single & Triple - 3 RBI
ISC Qualifier - Game # 23 - LineScore - Toronto Gators vs. Wiarton Nationals
Toronto Gators - 5R 3H 0E
Wiarton Nationals - 0R 4H 5E
WP: Brad Rona - 7IP 0R 0ER 4H 7K
LP: Andy Jackson - 7IP 5R 1ER 3H 6K 4BB
Ben Enoka - single
Campbell Makea - single
Cole McDougal - Triple
ISC Qualifier - Game # 24 - LineScore - Kitchener Outlaws vs. Elmira Expos
Elmira Expos - 0R 1H 1E
Kitchener Outlaws - 1R 3H 0E
WP: Kyle Crawford - 7IP 0R 1H 9K 4BB
LP: Casey Halstead - 6IP 1R 1ER 3H 3K 3BB
Kevin Gutscher - Single
Justin Krulicki - Double
Brian Kron - Double
Matt Stagg - RBI

Game 25

      Mitchell Mets vs Wiarton Nationals (Jun 15,2014) stats

Mitchell Mets 8
Wiarton Nationals 6 - 8 innings
WP Steve Cook in relief of Kevin Pomfret and Kevin Gettler
LP Andy Jackson 
Mets AJ Moses HR, Tyler Pauli HR Kevin Quipp 3b
Nationals Zack Carson 3b Todd McCauley 3b


Game 26

      Erb Electric Expos vs Waterdown Hammer (Jun 15, 2014) stats

Elmira Expos 5
Waterdown Hammer 2
WP Dan Martin 
LP Tim Neill, relief Mike Pullin
Expos Corey Way 3-run HR; Dan Martin HR




Game 27

      Toronto Gators vs Kitchener Outlaws (Jun 15, 2014) stats

Toronto Gators 1
Kitchener Outlaws 0
WP Gregg Garrity 7 inn 2H 7Ks
LP Shaun Winship 4 1/3 1 run 4H 5Ks, Kyle Crawford 2 2/3 inn 1H 4Ks
Gators Adam Sargon 3b, Ben Enoka RBI
Outlaws Corey Tinline 2b


Game 28

      Erb Electric Expos vs Mitchell Mets (Jun 15, 2014) stats

Elmira Expos 9
Mitchell Mets 2
WP Dan Martin 6inn 2R 4H 9Ks
LP Jeff Pauli 2IP 4R 5H2Ks Craig Elliot 4inn 5R 8H 3Ks
Expos Dan Martin 3b RBI, Travis Martin HR 2b 2RBIS; Casey Halstead HR 3b 2RBIs; Tim Freeman 2b 2RBIs
Mets AJ Moses RBI Matt McGill 2b


Game 29

Erb Electric Expos 7
Kitchener Outlaws 0

      Erb Electric Expos vs Kitchener Outlaws (Jun 15, 2014) stats



 Game 30 - Championship Game

Championship Final - Toronto vs elmira



     Erb Electric Expos vs Toronto Gators (Jun 15, 2014) stats


Elmira Expos - 0R 3H 0E
Toronto Gators - 3R 6H 0E

WP: Justin Schofield - 7IP 0R 3H 1K 9BB
LP: Casey Halstead - 4.1IP 3R 3ER 5H 2K 1BB
Dan Martin - 1.2IP 0R 1H 3K 1BB

Corey Way - Single
Casey Halstead - Single

Toronto -
Dan Loney 2 singles
Thomas Enoka - Single, Double

Congratulations to the Toronto Gators on their Championship.


            Here are the player stats for the ISC Qualifier.








 U21 game 1


     Stratfrd,Sebrng Cubs vs New Dundee Juniors stats


Stratford 8
New Dundee 1

Wp George Armstrong full game
1 run 3 hits 11k and 1 bb

LPG Johnny Baker 5 ing
6,runs 6 hits 7k 1 bb
Releaved by Brent Eby

Stray hitters Tyler Pauli 1. For 4 2 run home run Barry width 2 for 4 tr and single

New Dundee hitters Darren Strickland triple

 ISC Qualifier - Mitchell - U21 - Game 2



      Tavistock Athletics vs Junior Steelworkers stats


St. Mary's Steelworkers - 6R 9H 1E
Tavistock Athletics Jr's - 5R 11H 0E

St. Mary's -
WP: Andrew Pearn - 7IP 5R 5ER 9H 8K 4BB

LP: Jesse Deweerd (in relief) 2.2IP 2R 2ER 4H 3K 1BB
Travis Gerber - 4IP 4R 4ER 5H 6K 2BB


ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 3 - Linescore - Alvinston vs. Stratford/Sebringville



      Alvinston Jr Indians vs Stratfrd,Sebrng Cubs stats


Alvinston Jr Indians: 2R 7H 1E

Stratford/Sebringville Cubs: 3R 8H 1E


LP: Taylor Degraw - 6IP 3R 2ER 8H 5K 1BB
Stratford/Sebringville - 
WP: Tyler Randerson - 7IP 2R 2ER 7H 15K 1BB


Taylor Degraw - Single & Triple
Devin Triest - Single - 2RBI's
Bryan Johnson - 2 Singles


Jake Moulton - Triple
Tyler Randerson - 2 singles & RBI
Tom Fischer - Single & GW RBI
George Armstrong - Single - RBI


 ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 4 - Tavistock Athletics Jr. vs. Owen Sound Jrs 
Tavistock Athletics Jr. - 2R 3H 0E
Owen Sound Jr. Selects - 10R 12H 3E
LP: Quinn Kropf - 4IP 10R 10ER 12H 4K 2BB
Owen Sound:
WP: Michael Legace - Roote - 5IP 2R 0ER 3H 11K 1BB
Owen Sound:
Craig Lyons - 2 HR - 3RBI
Adam Stuck - Triple & 2RBI
Great thanks to the U21 Sponsor Armitage Technologies

 ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 5 - LineScore - St. Mary's vs. Innerkip


      Innerkip Junior Jets vs Junior Steelworkers stats


St. Mary's Steelworkers - 9R 10H 2E

Innerkip Jets - 4R 6H 2E


St. Mary's Steelworkers -Â
WP: Sean Degroote - 7IP 4R 4ER 6H 10K 5BB


Innerkip Jets Jr. - 
LP: Mike Arnott - 2.1IP 9R 8ER 4H 2K 1BB
      Kyle Hunt (in relief) 3.2IP 0R 6H 4K 0BB


St. Mary's
Bret Kragner - HR 1RBI
Jake Rock - HR 3RBI
Sean Degroot - 2 singles


Phil Shmitt - 2 Singles & RBI


 ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 6 - LineScore


      Caladonia Royals vs New Dundee Juniors stats


Caledonia Royals - 9R 11H 1E

New Dundee Dodgers - 3R 8H 2E



WP: Kent Wardell - 7IP 4R 2ER 8H 4K 2BB

New Dundee:
LP: Johnny Baker - 4IP 9R 7ER 10H 6K 1BB
      Mason Dick - 3IP 0R 1H 2K 1BB

Caledonia - 
Al Lishman - 3/4 2 RBI's


 ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 7 - Tavistock Athletics Jr vs. Innerkip Jets - LineScore



      Tavistock Athletics vs Innerkip Junior Jets stats


Tavistock Athletics Jr - 9R 9H 0E

Innerkip Jets - 2R 5H 0E


WP: Tristan Hohl - 5IP 2R 2ER 5H 4K 3BB
LP: Kyle Hunt - 5IP 9R 9ER 9H 7K 1BB
Tyson Zehr - 3 Run HR
ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 8 LineScore - Caledonia vs. Stratford
Caledonia Royals - 6R 11H 2E
Stratford Cubs - 6R 10H 0E
Final in 8 Innings
WP: George Armstrong - 8IP 6R 6ER 10H 12K 1BB
LP: Sawyer Stone - 8IP 7R 5ER 10H 4K 6BB
Al Lishman - 4 for 4 1 RBI
Jake Moulton GW RBI in the B8


 ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 9 - Owen Sound vs. St. Mary's


    Junior Steelworkers vs Owen Sound Jr Select (Jun 15, 2014) stats

St. Mary's Steelworkers - 1R 2H 1E
Owen Sound Jr. Selects - 11R 13H 0E
WP: Matt Wardrop 5IP 1R 1ER 2H 10K
LP: Branden Berten - 3IP 9R 6ER 11H 4BB

      Dylan Wood - 1IP 2R 2ER 2H 1BB

Owen Sound:
Steve Lyons 3 for 3 with 3 RBI


Great Thanks to Armitage Technologies for their Sponsorship of the U21 Program this weekend
U21 Gm 10 New Dundee 7 Alvinston 6
ISC Canada East U21 Game #10
New Dundee 7R 9H 
Alvinston 6R 7H
WP Brent Eby 4IP 6R 4ER 6H 5Ks 2BB
John Baker 2IP 1H 5Ks 1BB
LP Travis Pavey 6IP 7R 5ER 9H 5Ks 2BB
Taylor Degraw 1IP 2Ks
New Dundee John Baker HR, 2b, 1b; Brady Stevenson 2 singles
Alvinston Darren Clarke 3b HR; Brady Swan 2 singles Devin Triest 2 singles



 ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game 11 - Innerkip vs. Owen Sound
Innerkip - 11R 15H 3E
Owen Sound - 3R 7H 3E
WP: Mike Arnott - 5IP 3R 3ER 7H 1BB
LP: Cory McGregor - 4IP 9R 7ER 12H 4K 2BB
      Mitch Green - 1IP 2R 2ER 3H 3K 0BB
Jake Nakluski - 3 for 4 with a double
Matt Hanley - 2 for 4 3RBI
Phil Schmitt - 2 for 4
Mike Arnott - 2 for 3
Owen Sound
Craig Lyons - 2 for 2 - 2 singles Sac Fly 2 RBI


ISC Qualifier - U21 - Game # 12 - LineScore - Caledonia Roayls vs. Alvinston


      Caladonia Royals vs Alvinston Jr Indians (Jun 15, 2014) stats

Caledonia Royals - 7R 7H 3E

Alvinston Indians - 4R 5H 3E
WP: Chris Henwood - 6IP 4R 2ER 5H 1K 4BB
        Kent Wardell - 1IP 0R 0H 2K
LP: Taylor Degraw - 6.2IP 7R 3ER 6H 14K 7BB
      Devin Triest - .1IP 0R 1H 1K 1BB
Al Lishman - HR
Dave Novak - Triple & 2 Walks
Alvinston - 
Taylor Degraw - 2 Run HRÂ

 Game 13


Tavistock Athletics vs Caladonia Royals (Jun 15, 2014) stats


Game 14


Junior Steelworkers vs New Dundee Juniors (Jun 15, 2014) stats


Game 15


Stratfrd,Sebrng Cubs vs Junior Steelworkers (Jun 15, 2014) stats


Game 16


Tavistock Athletics vs Owen Sound Jr Select (Jun 15, 2014) stats


 Game 17 - Championship Game


Stratfrd,Sebrng Cubs vs Owen Sound Jr Select (Jun 15, 2014) stats


 Here are the player stats for The Junior Tournament. Craig Lyon a Owen Sound Junior Was 11 for 14 .786 ave. with 2 hr 9 rbi. Great weekend for him. G


  Wrap Up





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