Mixed Day for Aussie Colts

July 15, 2014

Whitehorse, YT



After mixed results on day three of competition in Whitehorse, Canada, the Aussie Colts face a must-win encounter with Canada tomorrow if they hope to contest for a medal at the ISF X Junior Men’s World Championship.

Starting with a 13-1 win against Denmark on day three the Colts found some confidence, however they were quickly on the back foot again later in the afternoon when they succumbed to an unbeaten Argentina, losing 3-0. The split results leave the Aussie Colts with two wins from five games and facing a crucial contest against the home nation.

The big victory against Denmark included three runs to Alex Cleary, two runs each to Mason Rossi, Josh McGovern and Tyrell Priestly, while David McCaskie, Matthew Wickham, Josh Hartwig and Dylan Rakich all scored one run apiece.

 In the second game, the Aussie Colts played solid defensive softball over the last five innings, but it was Argentina’s ability to put three runs away in the opening inning that stung and provided the defending World Champions with the impetus to secure another victory.  Pitching duties were shared by Callum Beashel and Jay Selu, Selu pitching the final shutout innings.

Callum Beashel Jay Selu


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