Results - 2nd Annual Schaefer & Bierlein Invitational

July 21, 2014

Frankenmuth, MI

July 14, 2014

Frankenmuth, MI

The DC Outlaws (Elkhart, IN) avenged a pool play loss by beating the
Reese As (Reese, MI) 5-4 in the finals of the 2nd Annual Schaefer &
Bierlein Invitational fastpitch tournament held in Frankenmuth, MI.
The Outlaws advanced to the finals following victories over the host
team, Schaefer & Bierlein Wranglers (Frankenmuth, MI), 5-0 in the
quarterfinals and Tiffany’s Food and Spirits (Frankenmuth, MI) 3-0 in
the semi-finals. The A’s advanced following a thrilling 5-4
extra-inning comeback against the Twin City Grey Sox (St. Joseph, MI)
and a 4-3 victory over Turner Concrete (Hemlock, MI).

This tournament is an extension of the Pete Schwab Memorial Tournament
which was held for 12 years from 2001 through 2012. The tournament
changed names once leadership transitioned to a new group last year,
however, the memory of Pete Schwab, a former player on the Frankenmuth
Brewery fastpitch team, remains. As recognition to both the
tournament’s roots and in memory, the Pete Schwab MVP award was
provided for performance in the 2014 Schaefer & Bierlein Invitational
to Josh Gray from the Duncan Outlaws. Josh had an excellent weekend
on the mound going 5-0, including all 3 victories in the playoff round
on Sunday.

An early Sunday morning thunderstorm which included 1.3” of rain
forced cancellation of the B and C consolation playoff brackets, as
play was delayed until noon on Sunday. We would like to extend a
special thank you to the Frankenmuth Parks and Recreation crew that
helped repair the fields on Sunday morning, in addition to the teams
and umpires that were very understanding and patient with the delay.

For 14 years, the Pete Schwab Memorial Tournament and Schaefer &
Bierlein Invitational has played host to well over 200 men’s fastpitch
teams from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Ontario, Illinois, and even the
USA Jr. Men’s National team. Although Frankenmuth and Heritage Park
(located on the Cass River and adjacent to the Bavarian Inn Lodge
Resort Hotel) have been the primary attractions, we have been
successful in attracting 16 teams to this annual event by maintaining
a constant vision: a 4-game guarantee with a competitive and
attractive round-robin format. I would like to thank everyone who has
made these events a success – especially the teams who bring their
families and drive up to 5 hours to play a weekend of fastpitch
softball. See you next year!

David Lach
Schaefer & Bierlein Wranglers

Pool Play

Game 1 Leslie Fri 8p
Schaefer & Bierlein Wranglers 5
Turner Contrete 1
WP: Z Lach
LP: G Church
Wranglers: D Lach HR

Game 2 Kern Fri 8p
Twin City Grey Sox 8
Mayan Agency 3

Game 3 Leslie Fri 930p
Tiffany’s 4
Goderich Grizzlies 1
WP: P Hoisington (1R, 6H, 4K)
Tiffs: J Hoisington 3B, L Foco 3B

Game 4 Kern Fri 930p
Reese As 8
Morpeth Magic 1

Game 5 Leslie Sat 830a
Wabash Elite 4
Columbus Thunder 1
WP: D Leffler (6K, BB)
Elite: Chad Smith 4-4 3RBI

Game 6 Leslie Sat 10a
Schaefer & Bierlein Wranglers 2
Smalltown Fastpitch 9

Game 7 Kern Sat 10a
Twin City Grey Sox 8
Homer Aces 0
WP: T Winkworth
LP: B Edwards
Grey Sox: Jared Knuth HR

Game 8 Schmitzer Sat 10a
DC Outlaws 8
Morpeth Magic 0
WP: J Gray (5IP, 1H, 6K)
LP: G Moore (5IP, 12H, 8R, 5K)
Outlaws: C Foor 2-3 3B, Brent Miller 2-3, D Spargo 2-2, T Lawmaster 2-4

Game 9 Leslie Sat 12p
Schaefer & Bierlein Wranglers 7
Alvinston Jr. Indians 0

Game 10 Kern Sat 12p
Sebringsville Sting 4
Mayan Agency 1
WP: Chad Fink (7IP, 1H, 5BB, 9K)
LP: J Buckley (7IP, 7H, 3BB, 7K)

Game 11 Schmitzer Sat 12p
Tiffany’s 8
Columbus Thunder 0
WP: Loachridge (2H, 8K)
LP: C Randle
Tiffs: J Hoisington HR, D Thompson 2 H

Game 12 Leslie Sat 145p
Alvinston Jr. Indians 13
Smalltown Fastpitch 12

Game 13 Kern Sat 145p
Superior Vault M46ers 7
Morpeth Magic 4

Game 14 Schmitzer Sat 145p
Wabash Elite 4
Goderich Grizzlies 6
LP: Wooley (7Ks)
Elite: J Amburgy 3-4

Game 15 Leslie Sat 330p
Sebringsville Sting 11
Twin City Grey Sox 6
WP: Chad Fink (4ER, 10H, 6K)
LP: W Maxwell

Game 16 Kern Sat 330p
Reese As 8
DC Outlaws 1
WP: M Cantrell
LP: L Bender, relief from M Huppert

Game 17 Schmitzer Sat 330p
Columbus Thunder 12
Goderich Grizzlies 4

Game 18 Leslie Sat 515p
Homer Aces 3
Mayan Agency 4

Game 19 Kern Sat 515p
Turner Concrete 9
Smalltown Fastpitch 4

Game 20 Schmitzer Sat 515p
Tiffanys 5
Wabash Elite 11
LP: P Hoisington
Tiffs: Foco 2H HR

Game 21 Leslie Sat 700p
DC Outlaws 9
Superior Vault M46ers 1
WP: J Gray (5IP, 4H, 1R, 6K)
LP: D Dana (2.2 IP, 7R) with relief from J Dankert
Outlaws: Brent Miller 3-3

Game 22 Kern Sat 700p
Turner Concrete 7
Alvinston Jr. Indians 2

Game 23 Leslie Sat 830p
Reese As 7
Superior Vault M46ers 1

Game 24 Kern Sat 830p
Homer Aces 0
Sebringsville Sting 7
Pool Play Records

Jeep Bracket
1- Schaefer & Bierlein (Frankenmuth, MI) 2-1
2- Turner Concrete (Hemlock, MI) 2-1
3- Junior Indians (Alvinston, ON) 1-2
4- Smalltown Fastpitch (Riverside, MI)

Chrysler Bracket
1-Reese As (Reese, MI) 3-0
2- DC Outlaws (Bremen, IN) 2-1
3- Superior Vault M46ers (Hemlock, MI) 1-2
4- Morpeth Magic (Morpeth, ON) 0-3

Dodge Bracket
1- Wabash Elite (Wabash, IN) 2-1
2- Tiffanys (Frankenmuth, MI) 2-1
3-Thunder (Columbus, OH) 1-2
4-Grizzlies (Goderich, ON) 1-2

Ram Bracket
1- Sting (Sebringsville, ON) 3-0
2-Twin City Grey Sox (St. Joseph, MI) 2-1
3-Mayan Agency (Merrill, MI) 1-2
4- Aces (Homer, MI) 0-3

A Bracket Playoffs

Quarterfinal #1
Schaefer & Bierlein Wranglers 0
DC Outlaws 5
WP: J Gray (5IP, 0R, 1H, 6K)
LP: Z Lach (3IP, 5R, 7H, 5K)
Outlaws: Dean Huppert 2-2, C Foor 2-3 2B, 2 RBI

Quarterfinal #2
Tiffanys 9
Sebringsville Sting 0
WP: P. Loachridge

Quarterfinal #3
Reese As 5
Twin City Grey Sox 4
WP: M Cantrell
LP: T Winkworth

Quarterfinal #4
Turner Concrete 3
Wabash Elite 0
WP: L Wyckoff

Semifinal #1
DC Outlaws 3
Tiffanys 0
WP: J Gray
LP: P Hoisington

Semifinal #2
Reese As 4
Turner Concrete 3
WP: G Wright
LP: G Church

DC Outlaws 6
Reese As 5
WP: J Gray
LP: M Cantrel