Gil Read Memorial Tournament final summary

July 27, 2014

Carp, ON

Carp, ON

Gil Read Memorial Tournament final results

Micksburg Twins won the seventh annual Gil Read Memorial fastball tournament in Carp, finishing with a 5-0-1 record.

Corey Costello of Micksburg threw fourteen innings on Sunday and didn't allow a run, earning Most Valuable Pitching honours. Matt Greer playing with Micksburg for the weekend hit a home run to score the final's only run and combined that with a solid weekend all around to win Most Valuable Player.

Congratulations to Chris Read, Al Read and the rest of the organizing committee on a very successful weekend once again.

Final order of finish
1. Micksburg, ON Twins 5-0-1
2. Elkland, PA Thunderbellys 4-2
3.. Ottawa, ON Broker4Tickets 3-2
4. Napanee, ON Shoeless Joe's Express Juniors 2-1-2
5. Quebec, ON Juniors 3-1
6. Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric 2-2
7. Kanata, ON Pirates 1-2-1
8. Domville, ON Aces Juniors 1-3
T9. Nepean, ON Trend/Arlington 0-4
T9. Ottawa, ON Valley A's 0-4


Micksburg Twins 1
Elkland Thunderbellys 0
WP Corey Costello
LP Brad Porter relief Garrett Hone
HR Matt Greer


Elkland Thunderbellys 6
Napanee Juniors 2
WP Kyle Crawford (4 hitter)
LP Brandon Sands relief Eric Morgan

Micksburg Twins 2
Ottawa Broker4Tickets 0
WP Corey Costello (16ks)
LP Neil Cooke


Round robin play:


Sunday 9 am
Elkland Thunderbellys 9
Trend/Arlington 2
WP Garrett Hone relief Bill Sherman
LP Steve Terris relief Will Lowe

Sunday 9 am
West Carleton Electric 6
Kanata Pirates 4
WP Andy Barber Save: Steve Cavanagh
LP Darren Featherstone

Sunday 11 am
Napanee Juniors 19
Ottawa Valley As 1
WP Cole Bolton relief Eric Morgan
LP Todd Wilson relief Ryley Burns, Matt McIntyre

Sunday 11 am
Quebec Juniors 10
Domville Aces Juniors 5
WP Marc-Andre Villeneuve relief Alexandre Lemieux
LP Adam Reuckwald


Saturday 9 am
Elkland Thunderbelly 9
Quebec Juniors 3
WP Garrett Hone relief Bill Sherman
LP Marc-Andre Villeneuve

Saturday 10 am
Ottawa Broker4Tickets 8
Domville Juniors 6
WP Steve McNaughton
LP Luke Severson relief Nate Hamilton

Saturday 11 am
Napanee Juniors 6
West Carleton Electric 3
WP Cole Bolton
LP Andy Barber relief Jeff Barber

Saturday 12 pm
Micksburg Twins 5
Ottawa Valley A's 0
WP Jason Smith (2 hitter)
LP Todd Wilson

Saturday 1 pm
Quebec Juniors 9
Trend/Arlington 1
WP Alexandre Lemieux
LP Gord Flannery relief Adam Smith

Saturday 2 pm
Elkland Thunderbellys 9
Domville Juniors 0
WP Brad Porter
LP Luke Severson relief by Ian King

Saturday 3 pm
Napanee Juniors 9
Kanata Pirates 9
P (Nap) Eric Morgan, Brandon Sands
P (Kan) Paul Ceppi, Derick Bulley, Darren Featherstone

Saturday 4 pm
Micksburg Twins 7
West Carleton Electric 0
WP Dan Konkle
LP Steve Cavanagh relief by Jeff Barber

Saturday 5 pm
Ottawa Broker4Tickets 6
Elkland Thunderbellys 2
WP Neil Cooke
LP Kyle Crawford

Saturday 6 pm
Kanata Pirates 8
Ottawa Valley A's 0
WP Darren Featherstone relief Derick Bulley
LP Jim Ryan relief Matt McIntyre

Saturday 7 pm
Domville Aces 9
Trend/Arlington 6
WP Luke Severson in relief of Adam Rueckwald, Ian King
LP Will Lowe in relief of Adam Smith, Gord Flannery

Saturday 8 pm
Quebec Juniors 3
Ottawa Broker4Tickets 2
WP Marc-Andre Villeneuve
LP Cory Alkerton

Saturday 9 pm
Micksburg Twins 4
Napanee Juniors 4
P (Nap) Brandon Sands
P (Mic) Joran Graham & Corey Costello


Friday 7 pm
Ottawa Broker4Tickets 9
Trend/Arlington 0
WP Steve McNaughton (five-inning no hitter, two walks)
LP Will Lowe with relief from Adam Smith
Broker4Tickets home run: Cory Alkerton

Friday 8 pm
Micksburg Twins 5
Kanata Pirates 1
WP Corey Costello
LP Darren Featherstone
Micksburg home runs: Chad Costello, Jamey Mick and Matt Greer

Friday 9 pm
West Carleton Electric 4
Ottawa Valley A's 1
WP Jeff Barber
LP Jim Ryan with relief from Todd Wilson
WC home run: Mike Cavanagh