Eddy Roy member of the Garson Hounds

August 3, 2014

Sudbury, ON

  The North will be well represented by the North and specifically Sudbury  in up coming important Ontario and International fastball tournaments .
                                            Lets look at Eddy Roy member of the Garson Hounds (local fastball league – Quentin Seeley Fastball League ). He has just captured the top batter in that league for the 2014 season . Eddy ( 2nd baseman/short stop ) was the MVP( tournament ) and part of the JB Sox champions of the 5th annual Brad Rienguette Memorial Fastball Tournament as well as top hitter at  615 (tied with his teammate Ted Conway-pitcher ).
During the regular season here were his fantastic numbers : top avrg at 640 (105 ahead of nearest player , his teammate Todd Parsons( catcher) at 535 ; hits 16 (tied for 3rd); home runs 3(second); RBI’s 16 (three way tie for 3rd) ; OBP 710(1st) ; 1 160 slugging % (3 behind leader his teammate Todd Parsons) . At the recent tournament , he hits 640  tied with his teammate Ted Conway ; he gets the best OB% at 769 ; he collects 14 RBI’s  and he slugs his way to a 1 846 average , Ed is heading out to the ISC Worlds in Kitchener where he’ll play for the Waterdown Hammer (near Burlington) in the Masters Division (50+) .Eddy is 50 years old . Eddy will also participate for the Sudbury Relics in the up coming Lions World Senior Men’s Fastball Tournament (28th annual) being played in Greater Sudbury (suburb of Azilda) this coming Labor Day Weekend of August the 29th to the 31st . Then it will be in the Quentin Seeley Remax Fastball League playoffs with Garson Hounds ..Its going to be a very busy time on fastball diamonds for the next few weeks ..
                                              Some 7 days from now , he’ll be involved in the ISC World Fastball Championships (August 8th to the 16th) Masters (Legends) Conference (50+) in Kitchener Ontario .
Some 5 days after this tournament he’s back with his home team of the Garson Hounds in their playoff run to the championship .Eight days after this playoff game he’s in a second major tournament –The 28th annual Lions World Senior Men’s Fastball Tournament (35+/pitcher must be 40+) in Azilda at the Rick McDonald Memorial Sports Complex from August 29th to the 31st (Labor Day Weekend) and then its back to the league playoffs Eddy is going to be a very busy ball players just coming back from a bad leg injury two years ago .Good luck in your endeavors our good friend Eddy .
Attached two photos : one in his batting stands at the Brad tournament and a second with his two sons who played with him in the tournament .( at yahoo)
Yours in fastball ,
Roger Legendre
Head scorer for the Quentin Seeley Remax Fastball League as well as statistician and public relations liaison /advisor
Same role for the All Ontario Native Fastball Tournament in Parry Island (August 22nd to 24th) 40+ teams in 6 divisions (men and ladies –3 of each – open , junior and senior  and the Worlds in Azilda (20+ teams )
Long live fastball!

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