Men's 40 and Over and 60 and Over Fast Pitch National Tournaments

August 28, 2014

Lodi, CA

I have the privilege of hosting the ASA Men's 40 and over and ASA Men's 60 and over Fast Pitch Nationals in Lodi, CA on September 25-28.  Although I am asking for your support in advertising both these tournaments, I am especially asking for help in the 40 and over as I currently have only three teams.  I need at least one more to even have the tournament.
I see that the NAFA events were very successful and they have another 2 weeks before or tournament.  Congratulations to them.  Whatever we can do to keep this great game alive, I'm all for.
I have included the pre-tournament packet, the tournament flyer and the link to our web site.  Anything you can do for us would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You.
Matthew J. Pfeifer
ASA Commissioner
Greater San Joaquin Softball Association

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