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November 7, 2014

Toronto, ON

High and Inside

High & Inside - October/November 2014
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AGM 2014




Ontario Amateur Softball Association



Saturday November 29th, 2014


2:00 p.m.


Holiday Inn


100 Britannia Road East, Mississauga


For information contact


Paddy Fitzgerald~Nolan at





George Ryder-Port Dover


Executive Vice-President

Garry Waugh-Woodstock


Vice President (2 to be elected)

Mary Myers -Gormley

 Dave Northern-Pickering

Jamie Simpson-Cambridge

Brad Thomson-Kitchener



Karen Mills-Napanee



Paddy Fitzgerald Nolan-Sydenham


Executive (6 to be elected)

Randy Bridge-Toronto
Adam Brown-Fitzroy Harbour
Gilles Butcher-Kitchener
Mike Crawford-Bracebridge
Adam Danford-Frankford
Steven Davis-Toronto
Tammy Ford-Fingal
Kelly McGiffen-Ancaster
Dave Northern-Pickering
Jamie Simpson-Cambridge
Ron Taylor-Havelock




Notice of Motions to the OASA Annual General Meeting

November 29, 2014

Page references are from the 2014 Rulebook. Changes are in bold when required to identify them. Articles, By-Laws and Sections may require renumbering after changes have been adopted. Unless otherwise indicated, all successful amendments and resolutions take effect immediately.

Mover Description

1. Executive By-Law II.4 – Nominations b) Page 49


b) No one shall be eligible to stand for the office of President, Executive Vice President or Vice President unless at least one year as a member of the Executive has been served.

No one shall be eligible to stand for the office of President unless two years as a member of the Executive have been served.

Rationale: Experience in OASA operations.

2. Executive OR 4.1 – Classification Birthdates and Years a) Page 61


Remove Junior U23 Under 23.

Rationale: U23 division is no longer offered.

3. Men’s OR 4.1 – Classification Birthdates and Years b) Page 61

Committee Revision

b) The age for eligible Masters players is that they must be at least 40 years of age or turning 40 in the year of the event.

Note: Underage players who were on 2014 rosters will have their eligibility grandfathered into the 2015 tournament.

None of the players under age 40 can be on a Senior or ISC roster and will not pitch.

Rationale: This will fall in line with Softball Canada and Western Canadian tournaments.

4. Men’s OR 4.3 c) – Intermediate Page 63

Committee Revision

c) i) Positional players on an ISC roster are not eligible to play in the Intermediate B/C Championship with the exception of affiliated Junior U21 players.

ii) Pitchers on the OASA prohibited pitchers list cannot play in the Intermediate B/C Championship.

Rationale: With a number of pitchers being on numerous lower level ISC teams, they become ineligible for Intermediate B/C. This will allow these pitchers to participate who are eligible.

5. Minor OR 4.3 e) i) – Minor Classifications Page 63

Committee Revision

i) In OASA Junior Mite U8 through Bantam U16, a player is eligible to also play for the team in his/her affiliated centre in the next higher classification provided that team’s certificate has sufficient roster space available (maximum 17 per team) to accommodate the player(s) from the younger age classification.

Rationale: To allow Midget U18 players the opportunity to play Intermediate Men’s ball in the same year.

6. Softball OR 4.3 e) ii) – Minor Classifications Page 63

Napanee Revision

A player signed to a Midget U18 team certificate is eligible to play Junior U21, in the same affiliated centre as the Midget U18 team with which the player is signed. If a centre with a Junior U21 team does not have an affiliated Midget U18 team, that Junior U21 team can pick up Midget U18 players from the next closest affiliated Midget U18 centre. In the above circumstances, the Junior U21 team must have sufficient roster space available and approval of the Midget U18 coach.

Rationale: To allow junior teams to add midget players to their roster from the next closest midget centre only, and not from a number of different midget teams.

7. Executive OR 5.2 b) – Certification Page 67


b) All teams entering a tournament leading to a Canadian Championship, excluding Eastern and Western Canadian Championships, must have at least one Competition – Introduction Certified (or one Fully Certified Level II) Coach.

Rationale: The Softball Canada rule changed in 2014. One coach is now required to have Competition – Introduction Certified status which means that the On Field evaluation must be completed.

8. Executive Softball Canada Rule Variation Chart

Pitching Rule Page 88


Exception: Men’s – Intermediate, Senior, Masters (not U21 Junior)

… Raising the pivot foot off the pitching plate and returning it to the plate creates a rocking motion and is an illegal act.

Rationale – Housekeeping

9. Executive Softball Canada Rule Variation Chart

Time Limit Page 91-92


. . . In the event the game is tied, complete innings will be played until the tie is broken.

Rationale – Housekeeping

10. Executive Softball Canada Rule Variation Chart

Warming Up the Pitcher Page 92


Exception: In Junior Mite (U8) to Midget (U18), Effect #1 removal of the player from the game will not be used.

Effect for Junior Mite (U8) to Midget (U18): If any person catching for the pitcher will not wear the mask after a warning, it shall mean removal of the coach or manager of the offending team.

Rationale – Housekeeping



Keith Forbes remembered for contributions to Kemptville sports community.

Forbes passed away on Saturday, Aug. 23 at the age of 94 and a funeral service was held on Wednesday. Aug. 27 at St. John's United Church in Kemptville.

Forbes was born in Newmanville in 1919 and called Kemptville his home since the 1950s.

Forbes was a former manager of the Kemptville Community Centre and his hard work was known throughout the region as being top notch.

Hi son, Bill Forbes, says that he helped anyone who would give him a call at the community centre.

"He took pride in everything he did," said Bill. "He had passion, commitment and dedication to do whatever it took for the betterment of Kemptville. You just don't see that commitment anymore."

Alan Forbes, his cousin and fellow Lions Club member remembered him as an extremely hard working person.

"He was a natural leader," said Alan.

The Kemptville Lions Club was founded in 1958 and Forbes joined shortly after. The club honoured him with a lifetime membership.

"The lifetime membership was bought by the club for him. The club thought a lot of him to do that," said Alan.

Keith was a past president of the Lions Club, a secretary and won the Helen Keller award for service, which is the most prestigious award presented to an outstanding Lion.

Keith was also a member of Masonic Lodge, the Legion and the Odd Fellows.

He served his country as a Sergeant Major in the army and trained soldiers representing Canada in the Second World War.

In 1972, he took over as manager of the Kemptville 73's when the Kemptville Comets went bankrupt.

Doug Rigby is the current assistant general manager of the 73's and played for the team in 1979, when Forbes was the general manager. Rigby remembers him as someone who always stuck to his budget.

"As players we always tried to get a little bit more and he would say no," remembered Rigby.

It's a long-standing tradition for kids to line up and ask for players' sticks but not when Forbes was managing the team.

"Heaven forbid you gave a kid a stick and Keith saw you, you would get your hand slapped," said Rigby. "Teams had more than we had and we were still better than some of those teams."

If you really needed a new stick, Forbes would have a quick reply as well.

"If we needed a new stick he would say I saw you break it on purpose, so no," Rigby commented.

Forbes was inducted into the North Grenville Sports Hall of Fame in 2010 as one of the first 18 inductees who were considered "builders," according to Rigby.

"I hope I have half the energy he did at that age," Rigby remembers saying at the time of the induction. "He was on the go all the time. At the community centre, if a job had to be done, he wouldn't delegate it, he just did it himself."

As to why Rigby believed he was one of the builders of sport in the community, he spoke very highly of his contributions.

"Keith did a lot of organizing minor sports, he was very active in the community as far as sports were involved," said Rigby. "He was a very good sports-minded person, he did a lot for the community, not only in hockey but baseball, too."

Forbes was an executive member and a convener with the Ontario Amateur Softball Association (OASA) and coached/managed two championship fastball teams: the 1966 midgets and the 1969 juveniles. He worked with the Lions Club to organize fastball tournaments for more than 30 years.

Mike Goodrich, past president with OASA remembers Forbes as a real good softball man.

"Keith was a very fair man, he loved the game of fastball and was a man of his word," said Goodrich.

Goodrich recalls that Forbes applied to host the Ontario Amateur Softball Association Provincial A Tournament in Kemptville at least four times in the 1960s and 1970s.

"We never had any difficulty awarding the tournament to him because he always did a good job," said Goodrich.

"He always ran well organized tournaments."

  Recently, Kenny Graham from Jarvis passed away. Softball has lost another tireless worker, volunteer and fundraiser. Ken was an OASA Convener for over 20 years and whenever there was a provincial or elimination tournament in the Haldimand region Kenny could be counted on too help.
He will be missed by Jarvis and area fastball people for he assisted many minor fastball players in the area.

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