Friend's of Dave Blackburn-Call to Action

November 13, 2014

Los Angeles, CA

Friend's of Dave Blackburn-Call to Action

"The King and Me" post production
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Friend's of Dave Blackburn-Call to Action

Getting the funding ball rolling.

We're Brian and Curt from Paradox Productions and we started, "The King and Me", with Dave from the beginning. We were friends with Dave for over 20 years. We met him through the virtual reality craze, so we knew him from the entertainment industry side of his life.

We're all going to miss him greatly. Dave was a, "one of a kind". His humor was always something to look forward to. He took adversity, turned it around, and made a positive out of negatives.
After all the memorial services were over and the dust settled we talked to Jay, Dave's brother, and he got together with the Blackburn clan and they tasked us with taking Dave's last dream, this project, home.

This is exactly where we were in the process when Dave passed. We really need your support to get this snowball rolling down the hill. The funds received will go to the post production phase (Writing, Editing and Narration) of this documentary.

Thank you for your generous contribution from the original campaign. The first round of crowd funding took Dave, and film crew to Israel for the 19th Maccabi games. Dave was honored there by being the banner barer for Team USA with his nephew Landon Blackburn at the opening ceremonies of the games.

The experts in the film division of Indiegogo informed us, that most successful campaigns raise one third of the overall goal within the first seven days of the launch. It creates momentum that can drive a fund raiser.

Go to the campaign, Dave explains what we did with the original money we received.

It takes about a year to do the post production on a film like this. We can bring the project home but as with almost everything in life, it is going to boil down to funding. It's our hope that the community will support the effort. If everyone doesn't rally behind this fund raising campaign with contributions and social media to spread the word this could wither, dry up, and blow away in the wind, without a trace. That really would be a shame.

A movement is only as strong as the momentum it gathers. A lot of times that momentum is gained, by numbers of people, sheer willing something to succeed. If you're interested in seeing Big Dave's final dream, turned into documentary reality please help our effort.

Now, is the time to back Dave up again. It's up to you to take it to the finish line. Contribute and share with your social network. It takes a village to raise a child.

Here's what we've done to try, to make the campaign a success.

Indiegogo campaign

Web site for the movie


Thank you
Dave's family

Paradox Productions
Brian Hanish
Curt LaFurney

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