10 Reasons to fund Dave Blackburn's film

December 12, 2014

Los Angeles, CA

10 Reasons to fund Dave Blackburn's film

Happy Holidays from the film team.
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Dear Dave Blackburn Film Supporter

Well, we're down to 10 days left on the campaign to raise the completion funds for Dave Blackburn's dream project, "The King and Me".

You really stepped up to the plate on the original campaign and now we have to ask you to consider doing it again.

10 reasons you should contribute to this documentary

1. Dave Blackburn is a unsung, Jewish American, sports hero. This documentary promotes awareness within the Jewish community that excellence in sports is a attainable goal.  

2, Team USA brought home 4 gold medals one silver and one bronze for The USA, That deserves to be documented and told.

3. The Maccabi Games are the third largest sporting event on the planet and the general population of the USA doesn't even know it exists.

4. This documentary covers 25 years of fastpitch softball, it's a game that's played in almost every small town in America on the weekends but it never gets recognition.

5. People don't think Jews play sports. It's untrue. This story puts that myth to rest.

6. People should know where their roots come from. This story encourages people to have pride in their heritage no matter what their lineage is.

7. This story illustrates the bonds and friendships that develop by loving and playing the same game in competition.

8. Nissim the caveman proves, there are still free thinkers living outside of the box and taking a different path to life. His life shows it can still be done.

9. Sports unite people in a wholesome, healthy way.

10. Dave showed, If you follow your instincts and inspiration your bound to  have a lifetime of joy.

Bonus reason, This documentary shows. It's not about being knocked down, it's about how you stand back up.

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Thank you
Happy Holidays
The King and Me Production Team
Curt and Brian

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