Bradford/Cane Invitational

January 31, 2015

Cobourg, ON

Due to many problems I regret to inform
fastball fans that the Cobourg - Bradford/Cane Invitational
will not be going this year.
I would like to thank all the teams and my umpire friends and Al Doran
for helping me through the years. This would have been the 24th year
of this event. I am very happy to say that all the money raised went to minor ball
so I hope it was put to good use.
As for me after 45 years of umpiring and volunteering,coaching ,being a UIC, evaluator ,being chairman of this event
and others around the province and helping to raise money for different towns
I would like to Thank everyone for helping and making a difference in my life.
I'd like to thank Mike Skelton and the Scarborough Force for allowing me to hang around
for the last few years. I enjoyed it very much.
Not sure I know what I'll do for the summers ,maybe a little fishing
But I do hope to make a few games
Thank you all
Its been GREAT.

Have a care
Steve Bedard
sjbgolf (@) hotmail.com