Sabate fired as the Head Coach

February 13, 2015

Parana, ARG

Hello everybody, I just want to let you know that the Confederacin Argentina de Softbol has fired me as the Head Coach of our Men'´s National Team.  I took charge at the end of 2009 until 2 weeks ago. I´m very happy with what we'´ve achieved during that period of time as we'´ve shown consolidation in our game tyle, exposure of the capacity of our players, always with honesty and loyalty to this sport in the highest level.
We happened to win the Juegos del Alba, a bronze medal in the Pan Am qualifyer in Medell n 2012, 4th in the ISF WT in New Zealand, and also a silver medal at the Pan Am qualifyer here in Argentina in 2014. And we also toured  Australia, Canada and the United States.
But besides our team members, who gave all their effort during 5 years,  I'm 100% sure that we could'nt have done this without some people that helped us everywhere we went, and they are also working for the game we love. So I really want to thank the ISF, ISC, Alex Linares, Jesús Suniaga, Bob Leveloff, Bob Harrow, Larry Lynch and Eddie Kolhase.  All the persons I named work really hard for us to make it to the different tournaments, and Larry Lynch, besides setting all our tour last year also helped us find teams for some of the players too. All of this was something we needed to do to be inserted internationally at the highest level.
Thank you all for sharing this road of the game we love, also to our families, friend and teammates.
Thank you AlsFastball too for spreading our game around the world!
See you all somewhere around the world, of course,at the ball field!
Eduardo ¨Chino¨ Sabate