ISC Reorganization and Championship Berth Qualifying

October 2, 2006

Farmington, UT

For the first time in its 60+ year history, the International Softball Congress is entering into a complete reorganization that affects personnel as well as how teams qualify for berths to the World Tournament and ISC II Tournament of Champions.
Here is a summary of the changes.
Internal Changes
The ISC has eliminated 12 positions in the commissioner ranks and at the same time, changed team qualifying from an Area basis to a Regional basis.  There will no longer be the former Area Qualifying tournaments as we used to know them.
We are now divided into 5 Regions; US West, US Central, US East, Canada West and Canada East.  Each of these regions is headed by a Regional Vice President.  Under each VP are 1 - 4 Regional Commissioners all of whom are former Area or Travel League Commissioners.
The definitions of these regions is on the ISC web site www.iscfastpitch.com.  Click on Rules and Forms link in left margin.  It also has the revised Letter of
Intent Form for regions rather than areas.  We suggest managers and players review the region definitions are there are some "open" areas included.
Here is a breakdown of these regions, championship berth allocations and the personnel involved.

US West (4 WT, 3 ISC II)


Regional VP – Chris Santos

Regional Commissioners – Keith Erkenbrack (with help from CaL’s)

Commissioners at Large – Dick Mason, Jim Williamson, Dave Blackburn & Milt Stark EDE

Specialists – Jim Flanagan and Ron Chambers



US Central (10 WT, 9 ISC II)


Regional VP – Dave LeBlanc

Regional Commissioners – Dean Oscar, Les Novak, Tom Crouch and Pat Sullivan

Commissioners at Large – Wayne Fisher, Floyd Hammen, Ed Kirner, Royce Heath & Charlie Smith

Specialists –Judd Berthiaume, Gary Baughman, Bret Baughman, Hank DeWild & Tony Schaaf


US East (6 WT excluding defending champ, 5 ISC II)


Regional VP – Bill Howell

Regional Commissioners – Billy Smith and Lee Isenhart

Commissioners at Large – Larry Fisher, Bill Hillhouse, Robert Gray & Tom Stasik

Specialists – Doug Gillis & Rick Havercroft


Canada West  (2 WT, 3 ISC II)


Regional VP – Ferdi Nelissen

Regional Commissioners – Todd McCabe and Craig Donaldson

Commissioners at Large – None

Specialists – None


Canada East (4 WT excluding host, 9 ISC II excluding champ, runner up & host)


Regional VP – Bob McGowan

Regional Commissioners – Colin Smith and Blair Setford

Commissioners at Large – None

Specialists – Al Doran, Bruce Bierman and Todd Idenouye


International (4 WT, 0 ISC II)

International Commissioner - Bill Hillhouse


Qualifying Processes


Each VP and his Regional Commissioners have been asked to have their qualifying

events decided by November 1.  They can use any of the following options to

qualify teams.


1.  Invitational Tournaments - Subject to tournaments agreeing to some ISC conditions.

     A.  Above can be "open" to teams from any location

     B.  Above can be "restricted" to teams from within the region


2.  Travel League - Must meet ISC criteria and be concluded by July 15 or

played with champion gaining berth for the following years championship.


3.  Region Tournament - An extension of the former area tournaments but now

includes teams from the entire region.


Use of Invitational Tournaments as Qualifiers


The following are recommended guidelines for invitational tournaments to be granted status as an ISC Qualifying Tournament.


Tournament must agree to use ISC rules, ISC recommended ball and all umpires dressed in official ISC umpire attire.  We may ask some to use an “experimental” ball.

  1. Tournament must be publicized as either an “open” tournament for teams from any location or a “restricted” tournament for teams within the ISC region.  An “open” tournament may restrict WT or II berths to only those teams from within the region.
  2. To qualify for a berth, the team must play the tournament with 100% of its ISC roster and no team may use players who are on the roster of another ISC or ISC II team.
  3. Teams already having a WT or II berth cannot be excluded from participation.
  4. Participation in some type of ISC Qualifier is mandatory for teams to be considered for an invitation berth to World Tournament or ISC II Tournament of Champ
  5. Must provide timely, complete tournament results to Al Doran for distribution and posting.


Teams Winning berths in '06 for '07 championships


Three teams, Orillia Riversharks (WT), Thomson Area Merchants (WT) and Kitchener Phoenix Outlaws (ISC II) won '07 championship berths by winning '06 ISC Travel Leagues.  These championship berth commitments will be honored and these teams

have berths secured for '07.




On a personal note, each ISC person whose position was eliminated, was contacted

by phone and explained the reasons for the decision.  In each case, the individuals

understood and graciously accepted the decision.  They made a tough job much

easier by their understanding and acceptance of the needed changes.  To each of the eliminated people, my sincere thanks for the manner in which you accepted the news. 


Ken Hackmeister
ISC Executive Director




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