Coldwater Early Bird Tournament

May 4, 2015

Coldwater, MI


Coldwater Early Bird Tournament
Coldwater, MI
The Dark Horse Thunder from Battle Creek, MI won the 2015 Coldwater Early Bird Tournament. They finished with a 4-0 record and defeated the DC Outlaws of Bremen, IN in the Championship Game.  Jeff Nowaczyk (3 HR, 9 RBI) was named the Most Valuable Hitter and Jon Gwizdala (2-0, save) was named the Most Valuable Pitcher.  Pool play results and game summaries are listed below.
Game Summaries:
Game 1
Lightning                  10      (10 innings)
Homer Aces               3
WP- Sean Kelly       5H 18K                   
LP- Brian Edwards    12H 11K
HR- Ferguson (Lightning)        
Game 2
Thunder                    5
Homer Aces              3
WP- Tyler Kelly      6H 10K,   Save- Jon Gwizdala  2K  
LP- Shannon Damron       5H 7K
HR- Kelly, Lewis (Thunder)
Game 3
Wrightway                  8
Blues                          2
WP- Matt Wright       3H 7K
LP- Ryan Nichols        3H 10K
HR- Heath (Wrightway)
Game 4
Wabash Elite              7
DC Outlaws                1
W- Ronnie Banush      1H 9K  
L- Mike Huppert     7H 6K
Game 5
Thunder                       7
Wrightway                  0
WP- Jon Gwizdala      1H 9K  
LP- Zach Lach      4H 9K
HR- Keenan, Kelly, Krenzke (Thunder)
Game 6
Wabash Elite                 5
Blues                               4
WP- Jordan Eckman in relief of Dennis Heffler   
LP- Ryan Nichols    7H 12K
HR- Nichols, S. Davis, J. Davis (Blues); Bokinskey, Hovey (walkoff HR for Wabash)
Game 7
Outlaws                      11 
Lightning                      1
WP- Josh Gray      2H 9K in relief of Lane Bender   
LP- Trevor Kelly      12H 3K
HR- Brown (2), Lawmaster, Weldy, Harness (Outlaws)
Game 8 (Playoffs)
Lightning                       7                   
Wrightway                    2                     
WP- Sean Kelly      3H 14K
LP- Greg Heath with Matt Wright in relief
HR- Ferguson (Lightning)
Game 9
Homer Aces                 15
Wabash Elite                  2
WP- Brian Edwards      3H 8K
LP- Ronnie Banush 
HR- Lowder, J. Birch (Aces)
Game 10
Outlaws                         7
Blues                              4
WP- Josh Gray      8H 11K
LP- Ryan Nichols     4H 16K    
HR- J. Davis, L. Nichols (Blues), Czarnecki (Outlaws)
Game 11
Thunder                         5
Lightning                        1
WP- Tyler Kelly     2H 5K
LP- Sean Kelly     5H 11K
HR- Nowaczyk (Thunder)
Game 12
Outlaws                         17
Homer Aces                    10
WP- Josh Gray in relief of Mike Huppert
LP- Shannon Damron in relief of Brian Edwards
HR- Neal, Barnette (Aces), Weldy (2), Lawmaster (Outlaws)
Game 13 (Championship)
Thunder                        14
DC Outlaws                     2
WP- Jon Gwizdala     4H 6K
LP- Josh Gray with relief from Mike Huppert
HR- Foor (Outlaws), Nowaczyk (2), Lewis, Krenzke (Thunder)
Pool Play Standings:
1. Dark Horse Thunder (2-0)
2. Wabash Elite (2-0)
3. DC Outlaws (1-1)
4. Wrightway Tree Service (1-1)
5. Marshall Lightning (1-1)
6. Hastings Blues (0-2)
7. Homer Aces (0-2)
Sean Kelly