World Series All Stars Exhibition Fastpitch Softball Match

May 7, 2015

Victoria Point

Queensland, Australia

The World Series All Stars Exhibition Fastpitch Softball Match is breaking down the barriers and bringing players together from different generations and a range of associations to celebrate our game and bid a fond farewell to the Aussie Steelers representatives that will be competing at the 14th ISF World Championships in Canada.


All four local Aussie Steelers representatives: Julian Jemmott, Marshall Kronk, Zenon Winters and Shaun Goffer- will be bringing their A game and putting their skills to the test whilst playing for the “World Series All Stars”. Along side these red hot talents will be a mixture of current and former greats with the emphasis on having players that have competed at previous World Championships for any team involved- hence the “World Series All Stars” status.


Great Britain will be represented by the likes of the scintillating Scott Sunley and James Chalmers who have both been dual nationals having represented Australia and Great Britainat former World Championships (Scott at the Open level with Aussie Steelers and Great Britain and James having represented the Australian Under 19 Colts and Great Britain Open Men).


There will be a strong showing from New Zealand with Shaun Marino taking the mound (former Junior Black Sox) along with Black Sox greats Wayne Saunders and Fabian Barlow in the mix.


There will also be former Aussie Steelers representatives in their ranks with the likes of Australia's most capped international player (160 international games)- former captain and recent Australian Softball Hall Of Fame inductee Mike Harrow playing along sides former team-mates David Metekingi and Geoff Champneys.


The “South East Queensland Invitational Team” will have an equally impressive line-up with the focus of this team to represent various Associations in South East Queensland. In an innovative and collegial approach stalwarts from the Toowoomba Dodgers will be lining up with representatives from Redlands based Sharks and Redcliffe players to give the All Stars a run for their money!


The emphasis of the night will be great quality ball transcending generational barriers played in the spirit of the game. To fulfil this brief, and to be a true “Exhibition Match”, modified rules will apply on the night including a maximum innings limit per pitcher and maximum runs allowed per offensive innings. There will, however, be no limit on the entertainment value!


The man behind the mic DJ Dave Horne will make sure everyone is entertained with his unique blend of commentary and block rocking beats!


The World Series All Stars Exhibition Fastpitch Softball Match- where its at!


World Series All Stars Exhibition Fastpitch Softball Match- May 16 2015.

Victoria Point Sharks Softball Fields

325 Colburn Ave, Victoria Point

Queensland, Australia