TidBits is Back ++

October 6, 2006

Kitchener, ON


For those not familiar with tidbits, its ballyard rumours, nothing
more. Maybe no fact here at all, but same kind of stories you hear in the
ballpark. Only those mentioned can confirm or deny these stories,
and traditionally they tell us nada, or hardly ever, but they can
straighten the story out any time.

Subscribers tell me that TidBits is the most read and most popular of all
the items we send out to our subscriber list.

Unlike some other places that post rumours generated by people who do not
want to sign their names, ALL our TidBits come from guys in the game that I know
and who sign their name to what they send me. Each has asked to remain

FIRST TIDBIT FOR NEW SEASON:  Former "Farm" hand Todd Budke to join the Kitchener Hallman Twins for 2007 season.

And more:
Algar signed with Circle Tap
Jonas Mach sigend with Bloomington

And more:
Heard but Not confirmed. Jeremy Manely leaving Pueblo
to go with Doc and Dean Holien going to SoCal

Jarvis Merchants adds depth to their staff with the addition of Brian
Urquhart to Andrew Phibbs and Scott Wagar.

Jay Schnarr to the Twins?

The Riversharks will have a Canadian flavour to it with the additions of
Jeff Ellsworth & Tim Macumber. Ryan Wolfe is still a possibility.

We are looking for more tidbits for the upcoming season. We will only take those sent to us by people who sign their name (to me).

Each will remain confidential.




Algar signed with Circle Tap

Jonas Mach sigend with Bloomington


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