South Dakota ASA Q & A Form

October 6, 2006

South Dakota, USA

Hi everyone, I do the web page for South Dakota ASA. Every week I run one or two Q & A's on our site. I like to run Q & A's from people from all over the fastpitch community. If you are interested in filling out the form, please do and send back to me at fastpitchthegame@msn.com People from all over the country have told us they look at the site to read these Q & A's. We average about 1,500,000 hits a year. If you want to include a picture, that would be great. I certainly are not trying to sell anything, just trying to make our site more interesting. Probably the only contact I will have with you is an email telling you "You are the feature of the week." Thanks for your time.
Gary Young
Deputy Commissioner, Men's Fastpitch
South Dakota Amateur Softball Assn.

We would like you to do an interview for the South Dakota ASA webpage,

www.sdasasoftball.com and you are one of the people we would like to have as a guest. Just fill it out and email it back. Since we have started our "new" website in April we have gotten over 1,000,000 hits. We think these little interviews have helped to make our site popular. That is why we are asking you to fill this out, to let others in the state know a little about you. We want to keep this going year around and to do that we need your help. After you fill it out, please forward to your teammates, opponents, anyone else in your family who has something to do with softball, umpires, league officers, and sponsors. If you do not want to forward, send me email addresses and I will gladly do it. Some of you have gotten this before, so you might as well fill it out, as I will keep sending it to you until you do. Thanks for your time.




What is your occupation?

How long have you been involved in softball:

What all are you involved in the softball world? (play, coach, manage, sponsor, umpire, etc.)

What are some of your career highlights?

What is one of the funniest or wierdest thing you have seen while at a diamond?

What are some of the changes you would like to see in South Dakota and/or ASA Softball?

Why would you recommend someone to get involved in softball?

What are some special things that your association does that seperates it from the rest?

Anything else you would like to add?


Email back to fastpitchthegame@msn.com

Thanks Gary Young

Commissioner Mens Fastpitch, South Dakota


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