Williamsburg, ON - 12th Annual "Casey at Bat" Tournament

May 25, 2015

Williamsburg, ON


Williamsburg, ON - 12th Annual "Casey at Bat" Tournament


Got the schedule from @FitzroyFastball AND  getting scores via @fitzroyfastball:  on Twitter.



The schedule has been released for the 12th Annual "Casey at Bat" Men's Fastball Tournament in Williamsburg, ON on May 22 - 24, 2015. The event features ten teams.

Note: All games on the half hour will be played on north diamond.

7 pm Williamsburg Cigars vs Lyn
9 pm Kanata Storm vs Ottawa Valley As

9 am Eastons Corners vs Peterborough
11 am Quebec Juniors vs Napanee Juniors (Team 2)
11:30 am Lyn vs Donnacona Blue Sox
1 pm Williamsburg  vs Eastons Corners
1:30 pm Kanata Storm vs Napanee Juniors (Team 1)
3 pm Peterborough vs Donnacona Blue Sox
3:30 pm Quebec Juniors vs Ottawa Valley As
5 pm Napanee Juniors (Team 1) vs Napanee Juniors (Team 2)
5 30 pm Lyn vs Eastons Corners
7 pm Kanata Storm vs Quebec Juniors
9 pm Donnacona Blue Sox vs Napanee Juniors (Team 1) (crossover)

10 am Williamsburg vs Peterborough
10 30 am Ottawa Valley As vs Napanee Juniors (Team 2)
Noon: Semi-Final #1
2 pm: Semi-Final #2
4 pm: FINAL



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Donnacona / Quebec Seniors were the champions at the 12th Annual Casey At Bat Tournament in Williamsburg, ON on May 22-24.



Most Valuable Pitcher: Patrice Leclerc, Donnacona

Top Hitter: Joe McCleary, Donnacona

Most Valuable Player: Kristian Knapp, Williamsburg


Final Order of Finish:

1. Donnacona / Quebec Seniors 4-1

2. Williamsburg Cigars 4-1

3. Kanata Storm 3-1

4. Napanee Juniors (Team 1) 2-2

5. Quebec Juniors 2-1 * (did not advance on tiebreaker)

T6. Eastons Corners 1-2

T6. Peterborough 1-2

T6. Ottawa Valley As 1-2

T9. Napanee Juniors (Team 2) 0-3

T9. Lyn 0-3


Friday night results:


7 pm:

Williamsburg Cigars 8 Lyn 0

WP: Cory Alkerton relief Trevor Lahey

LP: Shane McNish

Home runs for Williamsburg: Lindsay Medynski, Dan Loney and Kristian Knapp (grand slam)


9 pm:

Kanata Storm 14 Ottawa Valley As 0

WP: Mike Noftall relief Darren Featherstone

LP: Ryley Burns relief Adam Rueckwald

Home runs for Kanata: Paul Maher, Chad Costello and Cory Morrison (grand slam)


Saturday results:


9 am:

Peterborough 5 Eastons Corners 3

WP Matt McIntyre relief Jake Taylor

LP Will Lowe


11 am:

Quebec Juniors 9 Napanee Juniors (Team 2) 5

WP Marc-Andre Villeneuve

LP Alex Douglas


11:30 am:

Donnacona 10 Lyn 0

WP Neil Cooke

LP Ty McNish


1 pm:

Williamsburg Cigars 10 Eastons Corners 0

WP Trevor Lahey

LP Matt Healey


1:30 pm:

Kanata Storm 8 Napanee Juniors (Team 1) 0

WP Joran Graham

LP Eric Morgan relief Kyle Ainsley


3 pm:

Donnacona 11 Peterborough 6

WP Patrice Leclerc

LP Jake Taylor relief Matt McIntyre


3:30 pm:

Quebec Juniors 5 Ottawa Valley As 4

WP Marc-Andre Villeneuve

LP Steve Cavanagh


5 pm:

Napanee Juniors (Team 1) 8 Napanee Juniors (Team 2) 3

WP Kyle Ainsley

LP Luke Severson


5 30 pm:

Eastons Corners 13 Lyn 3

WP Will Lowe

LP Shane McNish


7 pm:

Kanata Storm 11 Quebec Juniors 2

WP Mike Noftall relief Darren Featherstone

LP Eric Villeneuve relief Jerome Demers


9 pm:

Napanee Juniors (Team 1) 6 Donnacona 4

WP Cole Bolton

LP Neil Cooke


Sunday schedule:


10 am:

Williamsburg 7 Peterborough 6

WP Trevor Lahey

LP Matt McIntyre relief Jake Taylor


10:30 am:

Ottawa Valley As 8 Napanee Juniors (Team 2) 4

WP Steve Cavanagh relief Adam Rueckwald

LP Jeremy Martin


Noon - Semi Final #1

Donnacona 6 Kanata Storm 0

WP Patrice Leclerc

LP Joran Graham

Joe McCleary - 5 RBIs incl 3-run HR


2 pm - Semi Final #2:

Williamsburg 8 Napanee Juniors (Team 1) 2

WP Jason Smith relief Cory Alkerton

LP Cole Bolton relief Kyle Ainsley

Monster 3-run HR by Matt Alkerton of Williamsburg


4 pm - FINAL

Donnacona 6 Williamsburg 1

WP Patrice Leclerc

LP Trevor Lahey