Rodney Fox Memorial scores and recap

May 25, 2015

Stevens, PA




Browning – 13  vs Farmersville – 6

WP: Justin Zimmerman relief from Chaparro  LP: Zack Lach with relief from Philip Zimmerman


R M Kurtz – 4  vs Lancaster – 1

WP: Kenton Martin  LP: Stokes




PA Power – 9 vs Farmersville – 2

WP: Cliff Martin  LP: Philip Zimmerman


Globe – 5 vs Bedford – 3

WP: Hunoff  LP: Rutt


NE Drillers – 10 vs R M Kurtz – 1

WP: Kyle Crawford  LP: Derrick Martin


PA Power – 9  vs Browning – 2

WP: Garrity   LP: Chaparro with relief from Justin Zimmerman


USA – 7 vs Farmersville – 0

WP: Josh Johnson with relief form Muizelaar  LP: Zack Lach


Globe – 7 vs  RM Kurtz – 0

WP: Brooks Robinson  LP: Kenton Martin


Bedford – 7  vs NE Drillers – 6

WP: Weiler  LP: Schofield


USA – 4 vs Browning – 0

WP: Tony Mancha 16ks  LP: Justin Zimmerman


Globe – 6  vs Lancaster – 4

WP: Cleary  LP: Bauer


Bedford – 16 vs RM Kurtz – 6

WP: Rutt  LP: Derrick Martin with relief from Kenton Martin


PA Power – 3 vs Farmersville – 1

WP: Cliff Martin in relief of Eric Fogel LP: Lyndon Martin


NE Drillers – 7 vs Lancaster – 4

WP - Kyle Crawford  LP: Stokes


Heavy Rains at 5:15 lead to games being canceled for rest of day. Decision is made to complete 1 game that affect the playoffs Sunday morning at 7:00am and then begin playoffs at 8:00am.

Mortgage America pulled out of the tournament the day before leading to a couple teams playing twice.



Round Robin


USA – 12 vs PA Power – 11 8inns

WP:  Mancha in relief of Muizelaar  LP: Garrity

Very interesting game. USA continued to take the lead and PA Power would battle back including Tyler Dudleys 7th inning 2out 3run Home run to send it to extra innings. USA wins in on a bases loaded 2out full count BB to Palazzo.




B2:  Bedford -3

A3: Browning – 2

WP:  Weiler

LP:  Chaparro

Bedford wins it on a Bottom 7, 2 out, 2 on Double by Derrick Martin.


B3: NE Drillers – 6

A2: PA Power – 0

WP Schofield

LP: Garrity

Justin Schofield with a No hitter.




A1: USA – 2

   Bedford – 0

WP: Josh Johnson

LP: Duane Weiler

Josh Johnson with a no hitter.


B1: Globe – 6

NE Drillers – 5

WP: Cleary

LP: Crawford with relief from Schofield


Finals is not played due to Team USA having to leave to catch flights as a result of games being delayed due to rain.


Globe wins 10th Annual Rodney Fox Memorial Tournament.


Northend Softball League