ISC Travel League posts revised schedule

April 29, 2007

Cambridge, ON


Cambridge, ON

The ISC Travel League of Eastern Canada met in Cambridge Ontario this morning to review the final details for the 2007 Season.

The Schedule for 2007 is up at http://www.alsfastball.com/uploads/File/ISC_Travel_League_2007_ScheduleR.htm

I will be updating this nightly once the season starts and posting game summaries from the home teams each night (or next morning).

Our League web site is at:

Team Contacts are at:

Executive contacts are at:

Teams confirmed their parks as follows:

            Snappers – Memorial Park, Niagara-on-the-Lake

            Palermo – West Oak Trails

            Innerkip – Innerkip Park

            Jarvis – Jarvis Community Park

            Orillia – May 12 & 13 – Tudhope Park

                          June 9 & 10th – to be determined

                          July 12th – to be determined

The League Tournament will be held in Jarvis on July 27-28.

League Tournament

            Jarvis will host the League Tournament on July 27th & 28th.  The format will be a five-team double elimination tournament.  In the first round the first place team in league standings will have a by, 2nd place will play 5th place and 3rd place will play 4th place.

Colin will contact Clarke Staats to draw up the schedule.  Jarvis will host a fish-fry on Saturday.

It was moved by Orillia and seconded by Niagara that, in the event of a tie for the WT or ISC II Tournament of Champions berth, the berth will be awarded to the winner of an additional single elimination game will be played at the League Tournament.

Hope to see you in the ball yard as much as possible this season.



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