AAU International 2010 is underway in Orlando - Thursday

January 21, 2010

Orlando, FL

We are live from the ball park at Disney Wide World of Sports in Orlando!

We are working in the tower looking out at field no 20 which is currently empty due to two teams that did not show - Bahamas and Atascados.

Game 6, Broward vs Atascados is a bye. These games will be scored 3-0.

Hot and hazy this afternoon, with flashes of bright sun. YES, its warm!

We will be updating the results page about every two hours as we get the scores officially from Mr. Hackmeister.

The usual fine team  of score keepers are on the job this week and we have none other than Mr. Gary Baughman with us for the first time. Gary is the Statistician of the ISC and our co-worker each World Tournament. He is going to try and provide us official stats, if he can get rosters for the teams playing.

NOTE: as most fans know, (especially if they are on facebook) we were down all day yesterday so we are about 200 emails behind. Sorry if we have not responded to all the notes we have received.
A big thanks to all those who provided assistance yesterday with the lap top problems, especially Jim Flanagan of ballparkradio.com who went way beyond the call of duty all day trying to help us. And a special thanks to all those friends who offered us a lap top, advice, and support.. As it turns out, it appears no one in the 500 block of our hotel can get connected! Found that out today, after the hotel claimed there was no problem.




 1pm games Thursday


PK Broward --------3



Forfeit win for PK Broward.  Atascados has withdrawn from tournament



Ashland Stockpack------------1



Stockpack - Yates, Van Hooser (5th) and Roberts

Combatientes - Urbaneja and Jimenes


Los Socios----------------3

Hill United------------------0


WP - Barreto and Lima

LP - Joseph and Crawford


Italianj Athletic Club -------9



WP - Mayson and Waverick

LP - Mujica and Figueroa



Virgin Island----------4


WP - Martinez and Hernandez

LP - Drotzmann and Twist


Maccabi Red---------------9



WP Dyck and Kahn

LP - Martinez and Cabrera


3:00pm games

Chicago/New York-----12
WP - Schweyer and LaLonde
LP - Ramos and Vasquez
Dominican Republic----9
WP - Diaz and Tatis
LP - Gervasutti and Flores
Adasi ------------------2
Cobourg Force------3
WP - Wells and Herold
LP - Escobedo and Mopa
Big Cove------------6
DC Arrows----------7
WP - Campeau and Moore
LP - Hill and Ledford
Sureno Soy----------5
Minnesota Angels--1
WP - Folkard and DeGroat
LP - Kammueller and Scheevel
Florida Fastpitch--------5
Nova Scotia--------------1
WP - Smith and Robinson
LP - Frame and Forest

4:50pm  dark clouds moving in - heavy rain - teams continue to play




 5:30pm rain has stopped but its overcast

AAU Results - Thursday 5PM Games


Houston Carnage----3


Carnage - Barnes and Runhart

Gigantes - Perez and Hernandez


Puerto Rico Juniors--------2

Niagara Storms Fury------3


WP - Linton and Newson

LP - Roman and Burgos


Dominican USA ---------4



WP - Escalona and Lam

LP - Cook and Dubois


NY Gremlins-----------7

Oklahoma FP --------1


WP - Ezekiel and Rodriguez

LP -Bolin and Wetselline


Millwood Logistics-----5

Radio 560----------------2


WP - Phibbs and Dearborn

LP - Alfred and Obregon


Team Minnesota ----3

Bahamas Hitmen----0


Team Minnesota wins by forfeit.  Hitmen have withdrawn from tournament


Thursday's 7 PM game results will be sent out first thing Friday morning. 

   - and here they are:

Maccabi Blue--------------2
Earl's Club------------------1
WP - Snow andGluckman
LP - Hineline and Maginn
Houston Carnage---------0
WP - Navas and Hernandez
LP - Annis and Malfitano
Oklahoma Fastpitch------3
WP - Bolin and Roberts
LP - Ucero ans Jimenez
Maccabi Red----0
WP - Wagar and Dearborn
LP- Sleep and Silfen
Dominicana US-----0
WP - Garcia and Figueroa
LP - Barkman and Ham
WP - Escobedo and Prol
LP - Segura and Vasquez






 Late start on Friday morning due to hard rain all night long.

 Gary Baughman is still entering rosters into the scoring software and he is passing me stats six games at a time.