AAU 2010 Saturday - Results

January 23, 2010

Orlando, FL

At 8:45 AM Saturday, the 9 AM games are ready to begin under blue skies and temps in the high 60's.  Forecast calls for great weather both Saturday and Sunday with daytime highs in the high 70's or low 80's.

On February 1, the DISNEY Wide World of Sports will become the ESPN Wide World of Sports.

NOTE: I have no internet connection from the hotel, their network is useless. I do have a good connection from the tower at AAU when I am there.

Just announced, the merchandise at the little store by diamond 24 is now 50% off.

Watching us today are:  http://www.bateando.com.ar/




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PK Broward, Illinois/USA vs. Minnesota Angels, MN/USA

Winner Sureno Soy, Venezuela-Sopociento v. Winner Team
Minnesota-Oklahoma Fastpitch

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AAU Results - Saturday 9 AM Games 


Puerto Rico Juniors--3


WP - Navas and Hernandez

LP - Garcia and Burgos



Puerto Rico National----5



WP - Lara and Borrero

LP - Garcia and Figueroa




Chicago New York--------3


WP - Winship and LaLonde

LP - Gonzalez and Baez



Millwood Logistics------8

D C Arrows---------------3


WP - Robinson and Dearborn

LP - Campeau and Blanliel


Above games are the beginning of the 32-team Championship single elimination bracket.   Games today continue at 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM and the Consolation Championship game at 7 PM


Beautiful, sunny weather with temperature in the mid-70's.




 AAU Results - Saturday 11 AM 





Italian Athletic Club-------4


WP - Whitten and Waverick

LP - Baco and Hernandez



Nova Scotia------------10

Radio 560----------------2


WP - Frame and Forrest

LP - Williams and Obregon




Big Cove-----------------1


WP - Martin and Dubois

LP - Luckert and Armien



Los Socios-------------1

Dominicana US-------8


WP - Barkman and Lam

LP - Barleto and Lima



Niagara Storms Fury-----1

Adasi Spain-----------------2


WP - Escobedo and Prol

LP - Linton andNewson



An ongoing game between Cobourg Force vs Combatientes is tied 2-2 in the top of 7th inning. 

That game ended 4-2 for Combatientes in 9 innings. A fantastic game to watch. I did a few updates from the stands to facebook on that game. AD





11 AM Result


Cobourg Force---------------2



WP - Ucero and Jimenez

LP - Wells, Crawford (8th) and Herold


9 inning game.  Larry Perez hit a 2-run home run in the top of 9th.





 AAU Results - Saturday 1 PM 

Florida Fastpitch-------------10



WP- Smith and Perry

LP - Mendoza and Montiel



Ashland Stockpack-------0

Dominican Republic------8

WP - Diaz and Tatis

LP - Yates and Roberts



PK Broward----------0

Minnesota Angels---2


WP - Hardy and Scheevel

LP - Jetman and Alstat



NY Gremlins--------------11



WP - Hillhouse and Rodriguez

LP - Martinez and Cobrera



Virgin Islands------------3

Maccabi Blue------------2


WP - Algar and Twist

LP - Snow and Gluckman



Hill United--------------3

Maccabi Red----------1


WP - Joseph and Crawford

LP - Dyck and Kahan






 AAU Results - Saturday 3 PM 

Millwood Logistics------------------3

Chicago/New York------------------4


WP -  Schweyer, Potolicchio (7) andLaLonde

LP - Phibbs, Wagar(7) and Dearborn



Team Minnesota--------------10

Oklahoma Fastpitch-----------0


WP - Muizelaar and Lammers

LP - Bolin and Wetselline



Sureno Soy--------------4



WP - Folkard and DeGroat

LP - Alvaros and Flores





Kitchener Outlaws-------------4

Houston Carnage--------------7


WP - Malfitano and Arando

LP - Martin and Dubpois



Nova Scotia-----------------5

Earl's Club-------------------4


WP - ConnersandForrest

LP - Hineline and Maginn





 AAU Results - Saturday 3PM,5 PM & Consolation Championship 

Puerto Rico-----------7



WP - Roman and Santiago

LP - Navas and Mercado



Florida Fastpitch-------0

Dominican Republic---9


WP - Garcia and Tatis

LP - Murphy and Phillip



NY Gremlins---------7

Virgin Islands--------1


WP -Newton and Rozich

LP- Drotzmann and Twist



Hill United-------------4

Minnesota Angels--3


WP - Zack and Crawford

LP - Kammueller and Scheevel



Surenno Soy-----------0

Team Minnesota------1

WP - Cox and Lammers

LP - Folkard and DeGroat



Adasi Spain-----------0

Italian Athletic Club--8


WP - Mayson and Waverick

LP - Escobedo and Prol



Dominicana US - 5

Combatientes ----1


WP - Barkman and Lam

LP - Ucero and Jimenez




Houston Carnage----3

Nova Scotia-----------4


WP - Frame and Forrest

LP - Barnes and Aranda


In the Champioship bracket, games begin at 10 AM with:

Chicago/New York vs Puerto Rico

Italian Atnletic Club vs Dominicana US

NY Gremlins vs Hill United

Dominican Republic vs Team Minnesota


Semi-finals are at 12 noon with the championship game at 2 PM.